Elon Musk tweets about paper press reporter covering cops chief’s death

A Las Vegas paper is being viciously assaulted online for its protection of an supposed murder of a retired cops chief, either due to the fact that of a misconception or a purposeful effort to misinform.

The “firehose of hatred” has actually led the Las Vegas Review-Journal to sort through e-mail directed at one of its press reporters to safeguard her from the worst of it, the paper’s managing editor, Glenn Cook, stated on Wednesday.

On Aug. 18, 4 days after a 64-year-old previous California cops chief, Andreas Probst, was eliminated when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike in Las Vegas, Review-Journal press reporter Sabrina Schnur interviewed his household for a story.

The heading: “Retired police chief killed in bike crash remembered for laugh, love of coffee.”

Then the story took an ominous turn.

Video emerged, obviously taken by a teenage traveler in the automobile that struck Probst, revealing that it was no mishap. Charges versus the 17-year-old motorist were updated to murder on Aug. 29, and judges ruled on Wednesday that the 2 juveniles will be attempted as grownups.

The video, explained by Cook as a “snuff film,” started distributing online and the Review-Journal connected to a modified variation of it last Saturday.

That’s when the attacks versus the paper started. Someone developed a social networks post about the case, revealing the heading from Schnur’s Aug. 18 post and recommending the Review-Journal had actually concealed the murder of a retired police authorities.

Cook stated he couldn’t talk to the inspirations of whoever published the insinuations, whether they understood the initial story was released prior to the video appeared.

“What I can say definitively is the internet mob took no effort to fact-check,” he stated. “The internet mob was happy to spread the message, spread it and add their own animosity to the stew.”

The rush of online hate increased significantly early Sunday when Elon Musk, owner of the previous Twitter website now called X, sent out a message to his 157 million fans: “An innocent man was murdered in cold blood while riding his bicycle. The killers joke about it on social media. Yet, where is the media outrage? Now you begin to understand the lie.”

A representative for Musk did not instantly return a message looking for discuss Wednesday.

Some of the attacks were salacious and antisemitic, wanting damage on the reporters. One particular danger was described authorities, Cook stated.

It’s an especially delicate subject at the Review-Journal, where a year ago its investigative press reporter, Jeff German, was stabbed to death. One of individuals German discussed, Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, had actually assaulted the press reporter on social networks and was later on charged in the case and is waiting for trial.

At one point last weekend, to attempt and stop the circulation of hate, Review-Journal editors altered the heading of the Aug. 18 post in its web archive, changing “bike crash” with “hit-and-run.”

That in itself opens a can of worms: Should a wire service return in history to alter a story based upon details that comes out after it was initially released? Cook stated he reasoned that changing “bike crash” with “hit-and-run” was not altering anything factually.

Unfortunately, he stated, “that fed the trolls even more.”

Schnur decreased discuss Wednesday — she was composing the story about the day’s court procedures — however informed the Poynter journalism site a day previously that she started to feel risky when individuals online started discovering social networks posts she made as a teen. She has briefly vacated her apartment or condo, and Cook stated the paper has actually taken actions to safeguard her.

Schnur likewise stated she stressed over those around her, stating that when talking with her mom on Sunday, she overheard her informing her daddy in a hushed voice that somebody was at the door.

“I could hear the fear in her voice,” she informed Poynter. “There was no one there, but just for a moment, my heart broke. … Because of work that I did and people potentially trying to find where I live, my mom has to be scared of her front door.”

Online harassment of reporters, especially ladies and minorities, is a continuous issue that hasn’t eased off, stated Jeje Mohamed, senior supervisor for digital security and totally free expression at PEN America. In a 2020 international research study, 73% of ladies reporters stated they had actually experienced online abuse.

Perhaps due to the fact that of their experiences, editors at the Las Vegas Review-Journal are much better than those at lots of companies in reacting to safeguard its reporters, she stated.

Recently, harassment projects frequently broaden to where journalism and wire service themselves are the topic of attack, Mohamed stated.

“This was a manufactured campaign to undermine trust in the media,” Cook stated. “There’s just this increasing mass of people out there who are so angry about a lot of things, but in particular carry anger at the media, who saw this as an opportunity.”

In a column released on Tuesday, Cook openly safeguarded Schnur and promoted her work. He stated she was the very first regional press reporter to speak to Probst’s household to inform their story, which when a source called her to inform her about the then-unknown video, she advised the individual how to send it to cops. Authorities currently had it at that point.

“I was concerned with making sure that people understood that she was a person,” Cook informed The Associated Press, “that she was not the villain they made her out to be.”


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