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Events can be main to your income development, or a huge wild-goose chase. You get to choose…  — MATT HEINZ (President, Heinz Marketing)

According to the research study by Bizzabo, nearly 60% of the leadership-level online marketers think in the urgency of utilizing occasions as the marketing channel to attain their organization objectives. 

Events marketing and structure neighborhood is the most favored channel, today, to expose your brand/product to a larger area of the audience. And it won’t be shocked if I state how well WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood is swaying the eCommerce market with occasions marketing along with. Another research study from Forrester declares that Events acquire 24% of the B2B marketing budget plans.

events community
Source: Bizzabo

There’s no border to marketing channels and imagination in pitching offers to possible purchasers. However, the hardest part is to capture their attention and inspire them to make purchase choices. In order to be successful now, it’s important for companies to prepare and plan in order to stand apart from the crowd. 

The occasions marketing principle, for that reason, appears to be an appealing marketing and advertising channel for your organization. Event-based marketing can assisting your organization grow in a range of methods – from brand name awareness to brand-new chances and pipeline worth leads. So let’s see what this short article has in shop for us to discover and execute…

What is Event Marketing?

In actual terms, an occasion marketing principle consists of distinct and structured preparation, arranging, and performing a marketing project to promote the brand name, item, or service. Events can either be online or offline. Also, to be a part of an occasion you can either host it, take part in it or simply be a quiet profiter by belonging to the sponsors’ committee. 

event marketing objectives

Organizing an occasion is a flexible practice. The event of 10-15 individuals around a round table, introducing items in the existence of a possible audience, or hosting multi-day conferences and workshops are all various kinds of occasions. 

Belonging to the digital marketing and eCommerce market, it would be tough if you’re not knowledgeable about the occasions like Inbound, WordCamp, WooSesh, Adobe Virtual Summit, Forrester B2B Summit, eCommerce Warsaw Expo (EWE), Richmond E-Commerce Forum Autumn, and so on. These occasions have actually showcased the genuine image of how you can construct a total WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood with the correct networking and interaction.

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Moreover, developing an occasion neighborhood is likewise vital in looking for the function of how the contemporary markets are funneling their efforts towards event-based marketing. The next area will assist you comprehend the significance of occasion marketing a little much deeper.

Why Building Event Community is Critical for Your Business?

Building an occasions neighborhood like WordPress and WooCommerce provides your organization a brand-new direct exposure and reach. Hence, noted below are a few of the couple of advantages that your organization can utilize with an events-based marketing neighborhood.

1. Build Connections with Events & Meetings

One of the most essential factors for including occasions marketing to your organization development technique is that it assists you construct your WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhoods. When you get involved, sponsor or be a host to an occasion, you get a chance to communicate with brand-new faces that can be your capacity leads too. 

Targeting the best occasions and meetups can assist you improve your group audience. Having a particular audience to target through occasions marketing can draw in the ones having the exact same interest as yours, hence providing you a devoted possibility to transform and support their interests in your products/services. 

2. Keep the Lines of Communication Open for Attendees

Communication is the most important component of performing occasion marketing. If you want to take part in an occasion or perhaps in case you’re arranging one, you need to define the numerous channels through which the interaction can stream throughout the occasion. For example, having a Question-Answer meetup after defined periods, networking and communicating session hours, and so on. 

3. Increase Brand Awareness with Platform Customization

Events tend to provide your brand name brand-new direct exposure, for this reason spreading out brand name awareness amongst the possible audience. Since occasions typically are arranged in real-time, you have the possibility to communicate with the audience representing your business and brand name. Different platforms permit you to communicate with a larger area of the audience and share your concepts, ideas, and vision.

4. Track Engagement for Better ROI Reporting and Market Segmentation

Not all your audience has the exact same intent and interest. With occasions marketing, you can section your market on the basis of your audience and how they communicate with your brand name. Moreover, segmenting your market can assist you in enhancing your sponsored ROI as the interested ones will just be going to the occasions. However, to examine the outcomes with more precision, you can map your occasion’s objectives with the metrics to examine the efficiency of your occasions later on.

5. Strengthen Your Marketing Strategyevent management

Events likewise play an eager function in reinforcing your marketing technique. With occasions marketing, you tend to promote the approaching activities through numerous channels consisting of social networks and other media publications. The more you promote your hosted occasion or get the word out for the occasion you’re taking part in, tagging the prominent speakers or sharing their POVs with a reference, brings your organization in front of their connections too. Thus, providing you a strong base to extend your network circle. 

6. Provide Easy Access to Community Resources & Research

This is the one factor that I personally like occasions marketing. Participating in cases will provide you open access to adequate resources and research study papers/theories. This extra info informs you to a much better understanding of the marketplace and dominating patterns together with the future scopes of how things may turn.

Types of Event Marketing to Build Empowering Communities

Events have actually constantly been a more detailed part of our lives. Not just in the business market however various kinds of occasions have actually likewise been the irreplaceable part of nearly every market. Studying occasions marketing, it, for that reason, ends up being essential for us to have a clear image of various kinds of occasions marketing.

1. Webinars

WordPress and WooCommerce Community webinar

Webinars or online workshops are the kinds of occasions including conversations, discussions, and/or workshops. The Webinars, as an occasion, typically last for 60-90 minutes and are typically held on-demand basis or in real-time. 

The webinars allow chances for the individuals to link and communicate with each other to talk about info on a subject. The highlight is that the individuals have the platform for real-time webinars to straight share their questions and worry about the speaker throughout a concern and response session.

2. Virtual Events

types of virtual events

The virtual occasions combine the individuals from various geographical places to the exact same platform where they can link, network, and take part in significant conversations. Moreover, virtual occasions are established in a manner to provide you a feel of an offline occasion. For example, the Inbound. If you’ve been lucky enough to be a part of it then you’ll understand that their virtual environment setup provides a genuine look of the offline occasion by establishing a virtual lobby where the participants can ask questions, gather recommendation products for the occasions, satisfy the speakers and other individuals, and so on. Such virtual occasions are for this reason arranged in real-time for all the individuals to have a satisfying experience.

3. Live-Streaming Events

livestream event WordPress and WooCommerce

Have you become part of the tune launch occasion of your preferred vocalist?

Well, given that the pandemic lives, there have actually been numerous circumstances where online marketers, particularly, from the media market went with social platforms like Instagram Live and other broadcasting platforms to release their tunes, items, or services with a basic web cam or a complete production team for greater quality broadcasting. Live streaming provides you a chance to engage with your audience utilizing chat and other social networks performances.

4. Physical Events


The physical occasions as the name recommends are the offline occasions that are arranged to construct in person interactions. Although, hosting physical occasions need a relatively big quantity of financial investment than online occasions. Yet, their effect can’t be neglected as it includes the human element that online occasions do not have.

5. Seminars/Conferences

Seminars and conferences are typically puzzled with each other. But given that we’re talking about the kinds of occasions here, it will be much better if we clean out the thin line of distinction in between the 2.

Seminars, on the one hand, are the occasions explaining smaller sized events or conferences where the speaker shares his understanding with the audience. While, on the other hand, Conferences are the company-specific or rather stated industry-specific occasions where I. The participants come together and provide info to each other. Conferences are larger-scale occasions than Seminars.

6. Trade Shows

 Trade reveals, this occasion obtained its name from the program of event, i.e., traders coming together to communicate and construct their network. In this kind of occasion, several agents from numerous occupations congregate to show their services and products or to partner with other business for shared development and advancement.

There are occasions arranged by the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood that can assist you construct your extremely own neighborhood or online forum, providing your organization a brand-new and fresh intend to grow much better. 

1. WordCamps

wordcamp map

The WordCamps are casual occasions arranged in your area. These occasions cover whatever associated to WordPress like –

  • How to utilize WordPress successfully?
  • WordPress plugins and styles advancement
  • Enhancing security
  • Advanced methods
  • Blogging pointers, and so on. 

The WordCamps are in your area arranged, and for that reason their subject can likewise be flavevent managementevent managementored worrying the going to neighborhoods. These occasions are gone to by nearly everybody from the blogging neighborhood to the WordPress designers neighborhood.

WordCamps are not just a set of conferences. It likewise consists of numerous other activities too. Being a member of the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood, you have the chance to either belong of it or in case you couldn’t participate in the occasion then simply enjoy it in the future the WordCamp channel of the

2. Woo MeetUps

WooCommerce MeetUps are official occasions held around the world with the goal to direct the individuals with much better practices to run their WooCommerce shops.

WordPress and WooCommerce Community meetup map
Source: WooCommerce MeetUps

You can be a part of the Woo MeetUps by getting in the WooCommerce groups near you or signing up with the popular groups that arrange the meetups routinely. Or you can likewise be a host by signing up with hands with the WooCommerce MeetUps arranging committee. 

Some upcoming meetups in the Final Quarter 2021 are – 

3. Do The Woo (Podcast)

WordPress and WooCommerce Community do the woo
Source: Do The Woo

Do the Woo Podcast is a one-of-its-kind podcast running WooCommerce news and insights for all those who deal with WooCommerce websites, plugins, and other advancement activities. It is a fantastic method worrying the audio-marketing choices these days’s individuals to get insights, share stories and info with their fellow neighborhood members.

4. WooSesh

woosesh WordPress and WooCommerce Community event

WooSesh is a virtual conference for WooCommerce shop contractors kept in real-time. It is an extremely curated occasion to offer the very best possible info and experience to all the individuals. Each speaker at the WooSesh is chosen with accuracy to deal with subjects and subject in order to enhance or construct info for the individuals. 

Attending WooSesh occasions and conferences will assist you in different methods like job scoping, fixing, enhancing consumer experience and website efficiency, and so on. 

Few Examples on How Various Businesses are Building Their WordPress and WooCommerce Community…

Apart from occasions, there are numerous other standard methods too to construct your neighborhood of specialists like – 

1. MakeWebBetter Forum

The MakeWebBetter Forum is the one location where you get all the info about whatever associated to WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a simple neighborhood online forum to link and network, share questions, concepts, and options with novices and specialists from the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood.

2. WordPress Support Forum

WordPress offers several resources to share info and options with their audience. The WordPress Support Forum is one such platform where you can get any info or particular recommendations that you couldn’t have actually discovered in other places. The WordPress Support Forum is where the entire WordPress neighborhood is offered to fix your confusions and doubts on a broad variety of subjects. 

3. Quora

The most spread out open-forum platform, Quora, is likewise the platform for the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood to share understanding and info. There are numerous Quora areas that deal particularly in whatever about eCommerce, WordPress, and WooCommerce like – 

4. Slack

The WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood on Slack channels are constantly up for some brand-new knowings and understanding sharing. Some of the leading slack neighborhoods serving the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhoods are – 

5. Reddit

Reddit is likewise a popular platform where the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhoods come together to communicate and share understanding in the type of subreddits on a specific subject. Some popular subreddits for WordPress and WooCommerce associated subjects are –

6. Local Expert Groups

There is no online forum or platform where the WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood is lacking their hold. Be it then particular online forums and channels or popular social networks platforms like Facebook and ConnectedIn. 

There are adequate groups and devoted pages offered on Facebook and ConnectedIn with active members that share important insights on marketing and advancement routinely. What’s more, is that these groups and pages amuse the users and designers at all levels. Some of these groups are – 

Summing Up!!!

Events marketing is the standard principle that has actually gone viral as contemporary marketing approaches. Building a faithful neighborhood of clients, users, and or individuals who want to be the part of events to discover something brand-new for their organization and grow it to brand-new heights.

Building a strong WordPress and WooCommerce neighborhood will provide you a much better platform to link, communicate, discover, check out, deal with questions, share concepts, and whatnot. Hence, it brings you a great deal of info to gain from and grow your organization to brand-new heights.

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