Facebook Rolls Out Brand Safety Features

Earlier in 2021, Facebook revealed a news feed subject exemption function for marketers. Facebook started evaluating this with a little group and has actually now broadened this function to more users with a possible strategy to execute this throughout all marketers.

What is the brand-new function?

Facebook is carrying out a security function for marketers to enable users to omit their advertisement from appearing in material of specific subjects. “For example, a children’s toy company may want to avoid [appearing on] content related to a new crime show, so they could select the “Crime and Tragedy” subject.”

Why is this being checked?

According to Facebook, this will assist keep individuals securely linked in addition to safeguard individuals’s personal privacy in the future. Many Facebook users had actually revealed their worry about personal privacy in addition to brand name association with politics or unimportant material causing specific marketers getting reaction due to the general public believing the brand name had associations with the material.

Why is this a good idea?

Having this function will make it much easier for marketers to omit specific subjects that they feel is unimportant or doesn’t match their brand name, which offers marketers with more control over where their material is revealed. This may likewise make marketers feel more positive when marketing, understanding that their advertisements will be displayed in the best locations. The subjects that marketers can omit are ‘Crime and Tragedy’, ‘News & Politics’ and ‘Social Issues’.

What are the cons?

Though utilizing this function may bring marketers more control, it might likewise prevent efficiency. Facebook is a fantastic location to share news info and there are lots of news outlets on the platform. By limiting access to these subjects, your advertisements might not attain the very same outcomes as you would typically anticipate. This includes the ground of leaving out anything on Facebook, however as the subject options tend to be material that is so quickly shared, it doesn’t concern a surprise that by leaving out these subjects, you’re advertisements might see a decrease in metrics. It’s worth keeping in mind that the subjects are rather broad and the basic general rule on Facebook is to A/B test brand-new functions where possible instead of leaping in with rush. Compare the outcomes with previous projects and see what works much better for your advertisements.

What were the outcomes of the Facebook test?

Facebook discovered that 94-99% of the time, marketers had the ability to prevent appearing beside content associated to the exemption subjects, branding the early screening phase of this function a success. ‘News & Politics’ exemption caused a 94% avoidance, ‘Social Issues’ exemption caused a 95% avoidance and ‘Tragedy and Conflict’ caused a 99% avoidance. What this implies is that Facebook marketers will quickly have the chance to omit these subjects from appearing beside their advertisements, developing a much safer area for both services and the general public, and enabling more control of advertisements for marketers.

What does Facebook state about it?

“We will soon begin exploring and testing a new content-based suitability control that will aim to address concerns advertisers have of their ads appearing in Facebook and Instagram feeds next to certain topics based on their brand suitability preferences.”

What does Koozai believe?

Since the start of 2021, Facebook has actually been doing what it can to enhance security for all Facebook users, whether that’s the general public, marketers, services, or page admins. Their strategy is to enhance the platform where possible and this function is certainly an action in the best instructions. Giving more control to marketers is constantly favorable and the more secure it is for marketers and clients; the more trust individuals will put on the platform, which in turn, assists the platform broaden. Let’s hope they continue to include brand-new functions that aid with basic security in addition to the lifestyle on the platform.

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