Factbox-Macron desires the French to work longer, shock well-being state By Reuters

© Reuters. French President Emmanuel Macron, prospect for his re-election in the 2022 French governmental election, responds throughout a project rally in Figeac on the last day of marketing, ahead of the 2nd round of the governmental election, France, April 22, 20


By Michel Rose

PARIS (Reuters) – President Emmanuel Macron, a previous financial investment lender who was chosen in 2017 on a pledge to be neither of the left nor the right, is predicted in citizen studies to win a 2nd term versus a resurgent reactionary Marine Le Pen, although with a smaller sized margin of triumph.

Here are his primary policy propositions:


* Raise the minimum pension age to 65 from 62 and increase the minimum regular monthly pension to 1,100 euros ($1,187).

* Require 15-20 hours a week of training for well-being advantage receivers

* Cut taxes by 15 billion euros with half for homes and the rest for organizations.

* Further loosen up labour market guidelines and reform joblessness insurance coverage to pay differ according to the state of the economy

* Raise the limit over which estate tax begins from 100,000 euros to 150,000 euros


* Make the European Union more self-dependent in defence, farming, energy and tactical financial sectors

* Strengthen the capabilities of nationwide European armies, boost co-ordination in between them and produce a “common military doctrine”

* Create European commercial champs consisting of a “European metaverse”

* Reform the European electrical power market


* Make long-lasting home allows conditional on a French test and work

* Expel immigrants considered to be trouble-makers

* Create a rapid-action force to bring back order in struggling “banlieues”, financially denied residential areas.

* Broader scope for on-the-spot-fines for minor criminal activity


* Build 6 brand-new atomic power plants and launch research studies for another 8, boost solar power capability significantly, construct 50 wind farms at sea by mid-century

* Take control of particular energy business, recommending that the federal government would restore stalled strategies to purchase out minority investors in nuclear energy EDF (EPA:)

* Renovate 700,000 houses a year

* Leasing plan to make electrical automobiles more available

* Put the next prime minister straight in charge of “green planning” to make France the “first great nation”. Stop utilizing oil, coal and gas

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