French, Swiss reserve banks perform digital FX experiment

The Bank of France and the Swiss National Bank effectively attempted forex deals utilizing digital currencies, stating the experiment supplied them with “tremendous” insight into the unique innovation.

Photographer: Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg Mercury

Project Jura, which included the Bank for International Settlements, UBS Group AG, Credit Suisse, Natixis SA and others, likewise took a look at providing, moving and redeeming tokenized French business paper valued at 200,000 euros ($226,090) in between French and Swiss banks.

Monetary authorities worldwide are studying how the arrival of digital cash may alter the method the monetary system runs. The People’s Bank of China might be the very first significant reserve bank to provide a digital variation of its currency to stay up to date with — and control of — a quickly digitizing economy.

In addition to providing e-coins to the public, reserve bank digital currencies utilized by banks, likewise referred to as wholesale, might help with worldwide payments.

“We are glad that it worked, but we still have a lot to do,” stated Sylvie Goulard, deputy guv of the Bank of France. “We wanted to transfer money from one country to another and the other way around, and we achieve this.”

Matters requiring additional examination consist of how scalable the technological platform can be, according to SNB Governing Board Member Andrea Maechler.

“We are still at the beginning,” she stated.

While the insights acquired from the experiment were “tremendous,” its success shouldn’t be analyzed as a signal the Swiss reserve bank is set to choose a wholesale CBDC.

“The SNB has no plans to issue a CBDC of any sort,” she stated.

— By Catherine Bosley (Bloomberg Mercury)


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