Get Real! How One App is Changing the Way We Use Social Media

It’s time for social networks to Be Real. After years of face-altering Instagram filters, users are relying on the BeReal app to reclaim a sense of truth.

There are no filters, no thought-out captions, and no hours invested curating the ideal flat lay. Once it’s time to “be real” you merely snap and go.

How Do You “Be Real”?

The idea of the app is basic: you get in touch with family and friends on the app, and every day at a random point, the notice will chime. “Time to BeReal: 2 min left to capture a BeReal and see what your friends are up to!” Then comes the mad dash of opening your phone, packing up the app, and catching, well, whatever it is you’re doing.

For a number of us, these minutes actually will be genuine. A picture of Slack messages or untidy desktops as we being in our workplaces, our coffee from the search the corner, or the train platform as we commute to and from our 9-5s.

Sometimes however, we’re fortunate sufficient to be doing something amazing when that notice moves throughout the screen, and you’ll capture looks of performances, amusement park journeys, and date nights. It’s the mix of ordinary and enjoyable throughout the week that makes us human, after all.

The Fanbase Is Massive

BeReal was established in January 2020 by French designers Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau, right prior to the pandemic hit. However, the app didn’t begin to acquire traction up until completion of 2021, and by July 2022, it was ranked No.1 in the App Store. On October 11, BeReal went beyond 53 million downloads throughout iOS and Android platforms – an extreme boost from the 20 million installs reported in July.

The trick of their explosive development is how they’ve tackled promoting the app. In its objective to develop an app without normal influencer culture, the business can’t precisely promote itself by means of Instagram advertisements.

What they’ve done rather is curate a rather luring ambassadorship program. The program, targeted at university student around the world, offers ambassadors with whatever they require to promote the BeReal app and earn money for doing so.

According to the application, “BeReal college ambassadors host parties, manage a marketing budget, identify key moments on campus for us to get involved, represent BeReal’s mission and execute creative activations.”

Essentially, it’s BeReal’s variation of influencers – without the filters and curated feed.

Companies Have Taken Notice

Brands are constantly searching for the next covert gem in their marketing methods, and it’s tough to disregard the brilliant, shining light that is BeReal.

However, scoring a cooperation with the app will show to be more tough than brand names prepare for. Users flock to BeReal since they’re seeking to leave the overly-curated, ad-heavy feeds of Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Direct partnership with BeReal is extremely not likely if the app wants to remain real to its target market. That doesn’t suggest, nevertheless, that brand names haven’t gotten imaginative with the brand-new platform. E.l.f Cosmetics and Chipotle are 2 brand names that have actually discovered the loophole to getting in touch with their customers, with each brand name developing its own BeReal account to publish behind-the-scenes material from different internal groups.

Both brand names, nevertheless, rapidly struck a brick wall in their strategies. BeReal actually desires users to get in touch with their pals, not simply develop a huge following, so there are limitations to the variety of connections you can make in-app.

Chipotle and E.l.f both struck their “friend” limitation early on, and are not able to accept anymore demands from fans. With this in mind, lots of brand names are selecting to bypass the app entirely in their 2023 marketing methods.

Imitation Is a Form of Flattery

Where there is development, there will constantly be replica. Since BeReal started to take control of the world, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat have all step forward with their own take on the app’s popular front-and-back publishing design.

Trust us when we state that this has not gone undetected by users, especially in concerns to Instagram’s roll-out of ‘Dual.’’ Users have actually required to Twitter given that news of the platform’s brand-new functions were dripped, with lots of slamming the social networks powerhouse’s absence of development.

“Why should Instagram just get to mimic every other platform’s features while the rest of us try to keep up with every single update?” Twitter user Jes Cervantes posted. The paradox of everything is that Instagram and other social networks business are attempting to copy a platform that is naturally anti-Instagram.

When inquired about the brand-new function, a Meta representative kept in mind that the function was just being checked internally, without any word on if the function would ever really be launched.

It would be a strong proceed Meta’s part if they chose to continue in presenting the function in a future upgrade – however it may be one that costs them users in the long run.

BeReal might not be the app that conserves all of us from standard social networks, however it’s an action in the ideal instructions. However, with the business’s anti-ad position and just 9% of Android users really utilizing the app every day, BeReal might deal with some concerns in the future when it concerns generating income from and sustaining the app.

Regardless, BeReal has actually triggered modification around the world concerning how we see and communicate with social networks, and at the exact same time, it’s revealed that little business still have a combating possibility versus the huge men – Meta, Twitter, and TikTok.

This is guaranteeing for up-and-coming apps like Daylyy, another anti-Instagram type of social networks that’s seen substantial development in its user base given that its main launch.

Whether or not BeReal will continue to grow versus influencer culture is up for argument, however users hope others will sign up with the app’s growing following and ditch filters for excellent.


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