How Do Advantage Custom Audiences Benefit Brands?

Facebook just recently presented Advantage customized audience, which utilizes automation and artificial intelligence to broaden marketers’ targeting. You’d be forgiven for believing this function’s been around for a while, as Facebook launched numerous comparable audience growth tools as part of the Advantage line of product throughout 2022.

Advantage customized audience targets not just your preselected audience however likewise individuals beyond the specifications you’ve set if doing so has the possible to enhance your projects’ efficiency. In this sense, Advantage customized audience resembles Advantage comprehensive targeting (formerly comprehensive targeting growth) and Advantage lookalikes (formerly lookalike growth), both of which broaden your audience beyond your preliminary requirements if doing so might enhance efficiency. However, at the time those functions were special to comprehensive targeting and lookalike audiences.

How Is Advantage Custom Audience Different From Similar Features?

How and when Advantage customized audience is really switched on varies a little from Advantage comprehensive targeting and Advantage lookalikes. Because whereas the latter 2 are objective-specific, Advantage customized audience can be switched on no matter your objective.

What’s more, Advantage customized audience is switched on by default, and you can turn it off. This utilized to be the case with Advantage comprehensive targeting and Advantage lookalikes, today you typically can’t turn those 2 alternatives off. In other words, as soon as you’ve gone into a custom-made audience, you can switch on Advantage customized audience no matter your goal.

When Should You Use Advantage Custom Audience?

Many marketers battle to set budget plans when targeting customized audiences. After all, the majority of audiences are going to be fairly little, other than those of the particularly huge brand names—more than likely a couple of thousand individuals, or a minimum of under 100,000. So if you tossed £100’s worth of budget plan at them a day as you may throughout broad targeting, you’d tire that audience quickly.

Assuming your messaging isn’t particular to the audience you’re targeting, broadening the audience would for that reason make good sense. This won’t make it leap from 5,000 to 5 million—rather, it just broadens it if doing so will enhance outcomes. The customized audience will still be the core audience utilized for targeting. In that method, broadening your audience might enhance your typical frequency and CPM. The audience is utilized in a comparable method to how it’s utilized to produce a lookalike audience, other than in this case the source audience is still utilized for targeting.

When Shouldn’t You Use Advantage Custom Audience?

Audience growth doesn’t make good sense in every scenario. Consider the deserted cart: you’re targeting individuals who included a specific item to their cart however didn’t purchase. You might produce an advertisement asking if they forgot something and showcasing that item. Obviously, this advertisement would make good sense just for that particular subset of your audience.

The very same looks for upsells and cross-promotions, too. In both cases, the advertisement describes something particular that the consumer did or purchased that’s related to another item, therefore would make no sense to a broadened audience. In short, take care with your remarketing, and if an innovative makes good sense just for your target market then guarantee Advantage customized audience is switched off.

Transparency Is Everything

Privacy guidelines indicate most information nowadays remains in the dark. The drawback of this increased personal privacy is that, while Advantage customized audience may seem working, you may not always have the ability to show how to those in charge. You can take it from me as the CEO and cofounder of Pixated, an efficiency marketing and website design firm,, handling this problem every day: you won’t understand whether the audience has actually been broadened, or if so then by just how much, nor will you understand the number of outcomes originated from the growth—if any. To state this makes tracking challenging is an understatement.

So up until such time Meta presents a breakdown of efficiency revealing your Advantage customized audience, you’re finest to restrict your usage of the function to prospecting. Doing so might well boost your projects… even if you can’t show it.


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