How much are Super Bowl rings worth and who makes them?

Winning the Super Bowl brings more than a journey to Disney World and a good monetary bonus offer, it likewise provides gamers access to a few of the very best bling in the world.

A Super Bowl ring, in some methods, brings more status than the Lombardi prize. It’s definitely more long-term, as gamers don’t need to return them after a year. Part of what’s unique about them, however, is their distinct nature.

No 2 years’ Super Bowl rings are the exact same. Some are diamond-studded and ostentatious. Some are subtle. And, in basic, practically nobody understands just how much they cost.

The precise expense of making a Super Bowl ring is a secret the league selects not to advertise. But there are some tips that demonstrate how expenses have actually increased as the rings end up being flashier and flashier.

Who gets a Super Bowl ring?

It’s not simply gamers and coaches! Team owners have latitude to use a Super Bowl ring to anybody they wish to which frequently consists of cheerleaders and even janitors. And the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement set guidelines that guaranteed practice team gamers likewise got a ring, though those are enabled to be of a “lesser value” ought to the group owners choose.

How much does it cost to make a Super Bowl ring?

The cost for a Super Bowl ring differs, frequently hugely. While the league doesn’t provide a figure, some reports have actually put the expense of a set of group rings at $5 million or two. And the fancier the owners desire them to be, the greater the cost. In 2015, the New England Patriots provided gamers a ring with 205 diamonds, which cost $5.475 million, an approximated $36,500 each (according to ESPN). 

Only part of that expense is gotten by the NFL—approximately someplace in between $5,000 and $7,000 per ring. Team owners pay the rest.

How much is a Super Bowl ring worth?

Obviously, that differs based upon the year, however in those unusual circumstances when previous gamers put their phone for auction, the cost skyrocket, frequently topping $100,000.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft when offered his Super Bowl LI ring for charity, with the winning bidder paying more than $1 million.

Does the losing group get a Super Bowl ring?

Just like gamers on the losing Super Bowl group get a good monetary bonus offer for playing in the Big Game, they likewise wind up with some precious jewelry of their own, though it’s a bit less distinguished. Those gamers get a championship game ring, which may be a bit less blingy, however they’re still showcases.

Who makes the Super Bowl rings?

Most of the time that would be Jostens. The jewelry expert, maybe much better understood for its high school and college ring company, has actually made 38 of the 57 Super Bowl rings, consisting of the extremely initially, which was developed by Vince Lombardi himself. Other rings have actually been made by Balfour and Tiffany’s.

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