How Online Whiteboards Fixed Digital Marketing’s Age-old Problem

Online white boards blew up onto the scene in 2020 as everybody unexpectedly worked from house. The virtual cooperation and interactivity of online white boards assisted groups interact, however for digital online marketers, something way larger and unforeseen occurred. 

Marketing groups rapidly found that online white boards resolved the olden issue of diverse marketing channels. Until just recently, online marketers operated in silos. The social networks group just anxious about social networks. The paid search group just anxious about paid search. The material marketing group just anxious about…you get the essence.

For the very first time, every group might aesthetically align their methods, strategies, innovative concepts, and efficiency metrics on the exact same online white boards, developing a single source of reality for everybody. 

Here’s how online white boards are providing digital online marketers the tools and exposure to lastly provide a genuinely smooth consumer experience.

What Is An Online Whiteboard?

Online white boards are interactive work areas where groups can work together in a lot of various methods like publishing sticky notes, sharing charts, slides, videos, and practically any other kind of file that is important to the job.

Unlike the physical white boards in the workplace, online boards are unlimited. You can include as numerous tasks or conversations as you’d like to a canvas. Instead of having diverse files on a drive that stay fixed, whatever you require to make clever marketing choices exists in a visual design. 

The info on the canvas likewise functions as documents, so everybody constantly has access to the most upgraded files, and you can work asynchronously to contribute to the conversation. The possibilities for cooperation are unlimited.

How Digital Marketers Use Online Whiteboards

One of the pros of online white boards is its endless versatility. You can include whatever you desire and arrange the info in a workflow that reveals the huge photo.

For example, if you wish to see how last quarter’s social networks project dealt with your material and SEM efforts, you can put all the metrics side-by-side in a visual design. This permits each group to inform their story in the context of the other channels rather than independently where you can’t link the dots.
To get a much better concept of how online marketers get the most out of these virtual boards, we overtook Eitan Helman who is Head of Growth Marketing for Miro, a leading online white boards tool.

“I can’t imagine marketing meetings without an online whiteboard. We do all of our marketing meetings in Miro. All of our sprint planning, daily standups, reviews, and retrospectives. We can put everything on the boards, and let each participant comment, present their ideas, and vote on what we each like.”

Eitan and his group have actually brought every stage of the marketing procedure into an online board from qualitative research study and method to innovative advancement and retrospectives. Every channel owner can see what others are doing and align their work appropriately. Eitan included,

“The board can embed anything like slides, graphs, videos…whatever the file, you can bring them together. This enables each person to work in the tool they know best, but then share it together on the same board. We don’t have to switch between tools to see the big picture”

The highlight — digital online marketers don’t need to transform the wheel when they move their marketing procedure to online white boards. There are currently lots of design templates produced by other marketing groups that you can utilize to get going.

Eitan advises beginning with a few of the fundamental canvas design templates like Customer Journey Mapping, Campaign Design, and Retrospectives. Let’s take a more detailed look.

Marketing is everything about engaging the consumer at the correct times with the best messages. A consumer journey map makes it possible for online marketers to aesthetically follow their clients as they communicate with the item. This offers you the info and context to expect your clients’ requirements.

Source: Miro

When you draw up the consumer journey on an online white boards, the whole group can identify chances from the very first consumer interaction all the method through to assisting them accomplish their objectives.  

At Miro, Eitan and his group utilize the map in addition to consumer personalities as a guide to develop projects. And since the canvases are endless, they can include the projects right beside the consumer journey to guarantee they are striking every touchpoint.

Here’s a consumer journey map design template that can get you up and running in a couple of minutes.

Campaign style aligns your marketing channels and constructs a single source of reality for your whole marketing project by bringing whatever together in one top-line view. With an online white boards, every stakeholder adds to the 360-degree strategy that covers every digital marketing effort.

Source: Miro

Miro’s marketing group prepares all their projects in this manner.

“Marketing involves so many roles from design and product to writers and managers. All our channels can be presented on the same board to see the campaign holistically. Then you can get very tactical. For example, you can show wireframes, decision-making trees, and workflows visually and track them beside the customer journey.”

The project style template in Miro permits you to keep all the appropriate files and information connected to each channel carefully connected to a general marketing strategy. This method, anybody can go to to the white boards and right away comprehend the method, innovative concepts, and strategies behind each element of the larger project.

Retrospectives are a time to assess the previous project by seeing efficiency metrics and going over methods to enhance for next time. Before online white boards, these conferences generally included each group providing their own fixed slides and informing their variation of what occurred. 

When you bring a retrospective into an online white boards, you can review the whole job, combining content, social networks, style, e-mail, PAY PER CLICK, SEO, and so on. Everyone can see the project holistically to see how channels work as a unified consumer experience.

Source: Miro

Eitan includes,

“In our retrospective, we can see everything we did side-by-side to see exactly what happened. You can zoom in to a specific project to discuss and then zoom back out to see the entire plan. This allows the team to understand how each project fits into a bigger strategy that we are all responsible for.”

There are a number of methods to run a retrospective depending upon your group makeup and project goals. Miro’s design template library has more than 40 retrospective canvases to check out, including this Run a Retrospective design template produced by the marketing group at Dropbox.

Give your clients the experience they should have

Online white boards use digital online marketers an endless canvas to strategy and improve their projects in fantastic information. For marketing companies and freelancers, online white boards can likewise enhance customer relationships by letting them work together at the same time in real-time. 

As you understand, clients don’t care about marketing channels. They just see business and make choices based upon the whole brand name experience. With online white boards, digital online marketers can now offer clients that cohesive and engaging experience. 

If you’re a freelancer, company, or expert searching for brand-new methods to raise your offering with online white boards, we welcome you to sign up with the Miro Professional Network.

By ending up being a member of the network, you can get a complimentary Miro office with innovative functions for a year (if you are a little group of approximately 5 individuals) or take pleasure in a complimentary Miro trial for 3 months (for groups of 6+ individuals).


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