How to Boost Employee Productivity with eLearning

According to stats, a typical staff member is efficient for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day, which is just 31% of the 8-hour workday. Astonishing numbers, right? 

Realizing that personnel performance is the structure of any service, business leaders are trying to find methods to increase staff member performance and assist the group work smarter. With numerous individuals working from house and business relocating to a hybrid design, this ends up being a much more important concern. Fortunately, with contemporary innovations, it can be resolved with online training or eLearning, and here’s how.

New Employee Onboarding

A brand-new hire gets rid of a long tough course of combination in a business and, without a well-functioning onboarding procedure, it can take a brand-new staff member month to feel comfy and end up being efficient. By moving onboarding online, you can considerably accelerate this procedure. You just require to develop an onboarding course when and after that appoint it to all beginners. 

A typical onboarding course consists of a quick introduction of the business — its history, objective and worths, business culture, an introduction of the products/services supplied, in addition to a clear description of the staff member’s brand-new function and expectations. Some companies, particularly operating in strictly controlled markets like production, financing, insurance coverage, and transport, likewise consist of compliance training in the onboarding program. 

To develop an onboarding course, you don’t require to be a tech geek. There are some authoring tools, iSpring Suite for instance, that permit you to develop courses quickly from ready-made design templates. Moreover, with iSpring, you can do this in the familiar PowerPoint user interface, as the toolkit works as a PPT add-in. 

After your online course is all set, you can submit it to your LMS and enlist brand-new hires. Most progressive LMSs like iSpring Learn permit you to automate the registration procedure. You simply require to set the guideline when that sends out all brand-new hires to the “interns” group and appoints them to an onboarding course instantly. With an LMS, your workers will have the ability to take an onboarding course whenever and anywhere it’s practical for them. You simply require to figure out the dates when the program must be finished.

As you can see, online onboarding will not just assist workers end up being efficient much faster however will likewise alleviate supervisors and managers of a great part of mentoring jobs they would otherwise need to carry out.

Regular Assessments

Remember your school days: if an instructor states there will be a test throughout the next class, you feel more inspired to get ready for the lesson correctly. This technique is likewise pertinent for adult training. When a staff member understands that their understanding and abilities will be examined and outcomes will be taken a look at by the management, they are more promoted to discover. And the more competent an individual is, the more efficient and efficient they are at work. 

Besides, routine evaluations (semi-annual or a minimum of yearly) will assist you specify workers’ understanding spaces and fill them immediately by supplying extra training. They are likewise an excellent method to determine workers with high possible and see whether an individual is all set for promo.

An simple method to offer evaluations is to develop online tests. With iSpring Suite, you can make tests in a matter of minutes, as the toolkit includes ready-made design templates of 14 concern types. To make tests a lot more efficient, you can include slides consisting of in-depth details on the subject, offer in-depth feedback, and develop private knowing courses, depending upon how well each staff member is carrying out on the test.


Once you submit your test to an LMS and your workers will finish it, you’ll have the ability to produce reports with in-depth stats on each student. For example, iSpring Learn will let you see ratings, a variety of efforts, a per-answer breakdown, and the time invested in the evaluation.

Time Management Training

Time management training is concentrated on establishing workers’ abilities in focusing on, arranging, and handing over so they have all the required methods and practices to utilize time carefully and handle work with as little tension as possible. This is a capability that can empower a group to be more engaged, more satisfied, and more efficient. 
One of the most sustainable methods to time management training is to offer it by means of eLearning courses. Since the exact same management practices and pointers are usually ideal for numerous functions and organizations, you may wish to purchase off-the-shelf courses (lots of are readily available on the marketplace). However, workers generally react far better to the material they feel is customized to their business and position. So, it makes good sense to develop eLearning courses by yourself.

To make material a lot more interesting, you can utilize storytelling and reveal circumstances that your workers typically experience at work. You can likewise include interactivity to your courses to make circumstances come alive when an individual clicks buttons and images.


Single Knowledge Base

A business understanding base resembles an online library — it shops all the business requirements, handbooks, guidelines, and other crucial details collected throughout the years. For an understanding base to be really handy for workers, it ought to be easy to use. It’s important to arrange the storage, search, and upgrading of details correctly, and the most convenient method to do this is with an LMS. Your workers will have the ability to visit at any time, discover the required products, and revitalize their understanding.


For example, if a job supervisor doesn’t understand how to appoint a job to a secondary, he will look for this details in the understanding base. And if a recently worked with sales expert doesn’t understand how to utilize a CRM, he can discover directions in the LMS. 

It’s likewise practical to keep all the responses to regularly asked concerns about the business product or services in a single center, so workers can constantly discover the details they require by themselves, without sidetracking associates. All this will assist a group to be more efficient and let all the members work according to the exact same requirements.

Personalized Training Programs

Personalized knowing is a reliable method to increase staff member performance since modification makes the eLearning material pertinent to each person. Adapting the training program according to each staff member’s requirements, interests, and efficiency level assists them acquire the abilities they actually require and do so rapidly. 

Of course, you may believe that it will need a great deal of resources to develop private knowing programs, however you may discover it effective to utilize this technique for upskilling your supervisors and other business leaders. 

Let’s state you chosen to develop a management training program for your head of sales. With an LMS, rather of designating a variety of standalone courses that are tough to handle or constructing an extremely long course, you can develop a knowing track. The finding out track will let you integrate numerous courses into a long-lasting program.


Giving workers a chance to discover online is not simply an essential training choice, however likewise an essential service choice. When compared to traditional training, it can considerably increase staff member performance by supplying more versatility, movement, and measurability.


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