How to Develop the Right Pinterest Strategy

You understand you require a strong Pinterest technique.  But, how do you develop one?

If you run a fast search on Google, you’ll see many posts.  However, the majority of them discuss the exact same things over and over once again.  You are informed you require to have strong images and excellent descriptions, pin to the right boards and established schedulers or a routine routing to pin regularly.

I concur with them. You definitely require all of those things.

But, what you likewise require is a technique.  You need to find out what to pin, when to pin it and even where you ought to put your pin.



Several months back, I was utilizing Boardbooster for all of my pins.  I believed that was the very best method to do it, as I did not need to babysit Pinterest.  It was a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

But, that was not working.

Well, it appeared to work for a while, however then, traffic to my website started to reduce. At initially, I chalked it as much as the time of the year.  But then, I chose to examine it a bit more.

I observed others were not experiencing the exact same downswing as me.  That is when I understood that possibly it was not simply seasonal or modifications with the Pinterest algorithm, however rather, something within my own account.

Turns out, I was right. It was all my own doing.



Turns out, that I had actually done a couple of things incorrect.

Problem #1:  First of all, I was not utilizing Pinterest.  At all.  I actually never ever opened the app.  That was my very first error.

Problem #2:  I likewise had images that were not fresh.  They were dull and rather honestly, not engaging.

Problem #3:   Pinning the incorrect material at the incorrect time – and to the incorrect boards!.  I was losing out on seasonal chances and trending subjects.

Problem #4: The scheduler I was utilizing was holding me back from being more tactical in my pining technique.

Problem #5:  The variety of day-to-day pins was insane extreme (more than 100).

Once I figured out the concerns, I then found out what I required to do repair them.  It took a great deal of time, research study and energy, however it deserved it.  I’ll share my traffic results listed below….so keep reading!!



The meaning of madness is doing the exact same thing over and over once again, anticipating a various outcome.  This is extremely real.  Especially with Pinterest.

If you relate to any of the issues I shared above, you might question what you ought to do to make a modification.  Rather than you invest the time doing all that I did, I’ll share my pointers to assist you up your pinning video game.



One of the most significant concerns was that I was not utilizing Pinterest. I did not open the app on my phone or desktop regularly. Or, the couple of times I did, it was merely to examine analytics or fan counts.

That wasn’t assisting me.

One of the very first modifications I made to my Pinterest technique was to usage Pinterest.  Every early morning and night, I scroll through the SmartFeed and pin brand-new products that capture my eye.  I’ll look for originalities to fill a few of my boards. I’ll even by hand pin 3 – 4 products from my website.

Now, I utilize Pinterest and engage the platform daily.  I’m not investing hours doing so.  Just 5 – 10 minutes each early morning after the kids leave for school or after supper at night is all it takes.

I now utilize Pinterest as it was planned, which appears to make it pleased (in the meantime).



It’s simple to get captured up in pinning the exact same images time and time once again.  No one wishes to continuously make brand-new images over and over once again to increase interest. However, often a brand-new image can turn an old post brand-new once again.

I’ve been blogging for many years and have more than 8 year’s worth of material to pin.  The issue is that due to the fact that I’ve pinned for so long, my images began to look the exact same.  The font style and colors were dull and not drawing individuals in.

You may be questioning how I even figured this out.  Honestly, I began taking a look at the pins of individuals whom I appreciated.  It was the pinners who were utilizing the platform in the proper way. I understood I might gain from them.

A couple of scrolls onto their pins and I observed that what I saw that drew me in was not what I observed in my own feed.  Not even close.  I made note of the kinds of colors and typefaces that captured my eye and got hints from buzz words and titles they utilized to entice me in.  Finally, I took a look at the image itself and if it made me rejoice or not.

When I compared what they did to what I was doing, I understood that my images…well…they drew.  They required some major TLC.

I strove a finding images that were brighter (even on dark subjects).  I discovered brand-new text colors and typefaces to utilize to overlay on the images.  Then, I got more imaginative with my titles!  I desired them to be something that readers simply needed to click!!

Your pins ought to consist of buzz words that make them stand apart.  Some of these consist of incredible, dazzling, smart.  Look at these 2 titles as an example:

50 Ways to Organize Your Closet
50 Clever Ways to Get Your Closet Organized

“But, shouldn’t the title be the same as your blog post?”  Nope.  There is no reason they need to be precisely the exact same. As long as your your title is not deceptive and is handy, your readers will click due to the fact that they can’t assist however do it to learn more.

Finally, I upgraded the descriptions on my pins.  I ensured they had strong, keyword abundant descriptions so when pinned, that is what would pull onto Pinterest (this is where the Social Warfare plugin assists exceptionally).

To discover the best keywords and expressions, simply usage Pinterest!  The details you require is right there, at your finger pointers (free of charge).  Just utilize the search bar to get keyword concepts to utilize on your pins. You can do this in a number of methods:

  1. Type the word and see the other products that turn up.  For circumstances, when you type the word banana bread, you will see terms that turn up about this subject. As you can see here, I now have various keywords I will wish to consist of when producing the description for my pin.
  2. Type the word into the search box and hit go into.  Once once again, type the word banana bread, however this time, struck go into. Once you do, extra keywords will occupy listed below the expression.  These are words you will wish to consist of in your description.

In this case, you would utilize expressions such as simple banana bread dish | healthy banana bread | damp and easy banana bread dish (for instance).

Don’t hesitate to develop a couple of images and descriptions for the exact same pin and check them versus one another.  You can pin all of them the exact same day (because they are various, they will look in a different way in the feed).  Alternatively, area them out and attempt a brand-new one every other day for a couple of days.  Make sure you pin to the exact same boards to you have a method to determine them versus one another.

Once a number of weeks past, take a look at the statistics and see which one is not just getting one of the most engagement or repins, however which is the one that results in more clicks.  Clicks is what you desire after all.

Now, you’ll have an excellent concept regarding the design to utilize for your image moving forward.



I utilized Boardbooster for more than a year.  I enjoyed that I did not need to do much to schedule, however I likewise discovered that this was not pinning what I required nor where I required. I missed out on both the best kinds of seasonal material and even trending searches.

When I check out Pinterest to pin, I don’t simply pin random things from my website.  I pin the material that is trending at that time. I can’t verify that this truly “helps”, however having actually seen a few of the exact same subjects pattern time and time once again, getting my products pinned will assist it be more quickly found when the pattern occurs once again.  In addition to pinning, I constantly upgrade the description to likewise consist of that particular trending search term too.

If you don’t understand how to discover what is trending, it is truly simple.  Just click in the search bar on Pinterest (do not type anything).  You’ll see them right there under your current search terms! Isn’t that easy?


As you can see here, a few of the trending subjects consist of simple supper dishes and fall attires.  If I have any of that material on my website, I ought to pin it now.  Chances are, if it has actually trended when, it will trend once again.  This method, the material will be pinned and be all set when the subject patterns once again.

I likewise make certain that I am now pinning the best material at the correct time of the year.  You require to pin ahead of time so that at the minute individuals begin looking for you, Pinterest can return the post to them.  It takes some time for your material to get found, so pinning early boosts your opportunities of being discovered at the time it is required.

For circumstances, if you have Halloween material, don’t desire up until October to pin.  You ought to begin pinning that material by early August.  In October, your fans are looking for Halloween deals with, so if you did not pin your reward quicker, there is a great chance they will not see it.

Finally, and this is the most crucial among all, pin the best material your readers desire.  You can browse your analytics and see what your readers like to pin. Click on Pinterest Profile from your analytics menu and after that over to clicks.

This informs you what individuals who see your pins will click.  It is right there, in black and white, informing you desire you ought to pin. The more you can do this, however more your material will get engagement, leading to more traffic.

You wish to be a professional on Pinterest.  People will follow and engage with your material due to the fact that you offer them what it is they are searching for.  You are their go-to pinner when they are searching for originalities.



I constantly believed that my material must go just to group boards which other individuals’s pins ought to be pinned to mine.  Boy, was I incorrect!

It is necessary to pin an excellent ratio of pins to both your own and to group boards daily.  The just caution to this is to pin just to the group boards that work for you. Pinning to the incorrect boards is pinning without any function and can even harm you.

So, how did I figure this out?  To be sincere, this is the one location that took me the longest to overcome. I hope you are all set to do the exact same!

For beginners, I understood my own boards ought to be filled with the very best material out there.  That indicates a mix of my own along with others.  For this factor, it is necessary that I routinely pin my own material to them.

Now, because I did not wish to pin a lot of times a day.




I’m not stating that each and every single technique will work for you.  As we understand, Pinterest varies for each single account.  That indicates, what works for you might or might not work for another person.

I make no assurances that what I’ve done will work for you. I can’t.

But, what I can assure is that if you attempt something brand-new, you might discover something you didn’t in the past.  You’ll find what works and what does not.  That will permit you to make the required modifications so you can experience the development you would like on your Pinterest account.


A news media journalist always on the go, I've been published in major publications including VICE, The Atlantic, and TIME.

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