How to Generate Media Attention to Your Business

In our busy online world of continuous news updates, there are apparently limitless chances for online marketers to accept the art of newsjacking.

When done right, newsjacking can be a wonderful technique of totally free PR, permitting you to get in touch with a larger audience by getting on a trending subject, producing press protection and social networks buzz for your brand name.

But, when done incorrect, newsjacking can appear required and produce little to no outcomes, or might even result in bad promotion for your company.

In this guide, we’ll share our leading pointers for efficient newsjacking, along with some typical risks to keep an eye out for.

What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a PR method where a brand name leverages a trending newspaper article in order to get awareness. If your newsjacking effort matters, prompt, and well considered, your brand name can get additional attention by riding on the wave of a trending newspaper article in order to get discovered by a larger audience.

This can be done by talking about a trending story or perhaps developing a project around it. Newsjacking can be easy going and amusing, or it can offer the chance for you to engage with topical problems and interact your brand name worths.

Newsjacking in the Age of Social Media

Newsjacking isn’t brand-new, however social networks has actually permitted much more brand names to get on the ‘viral’ bandwagon of trending newspaper article on social networks.

Traditionally, newsjacking suggested PR groups keeping an eye on the news and pitching in news release on behalf of their customer to reporters and publications.

Although newsjacking still occurs in the standard media area, brand names no longer need the support of the media in order to newsjack a story, with a lot of newsjacking occurring on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram at a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ speed. In truth, newsjacking can typically operate in the opposite method to standard media, if a newsjack goes especially well, it might wind up being a newspaper article itself and getting included in the media.

Tips for Successful Newsjacking

When done right, newsjacking can assist you to accentuate your brand name and speak with a much broader audience, however it does need believed to ensure that your action is prompt and suitable.

1. Set Alerts for Trending Topics

When it concerns discovering trending newspaper article, it’s important to remain ahead of the curve. Once everybody you understand is speaking about a story, it may be far too late.

Make sure that you watch on trending Twitter subjects to see what everybody is speaking about on social networks. You can likewise see what stories are trending around the globe by utilizing tools such as Google Trends and BuzzSumo, and tailoring them to set informs for newspaper article on specific subjects.

2. Pick Your Battles

It is difficult, and most likely ill-advised, to try to take advantage of every trending newspaper article for your brand name. Before you choose to newsjack a story, ask yourself if it is something that is suitable for your brand name to discuss, specifically if it is a subject that you are not familiar with.

Some days such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day prevail targets for brand names aiming to newsjack, and there might be a lot more competitors with great deals of brand names contending for attention. This doesn’t suggest that you can’t get included, however you might require to put more believed into any projects around nowadays in order to get discovered.

3. Master the Art of Good Timing

News moves rapidly, and if you are too sluggish to respond to a story, it is most likely that your newsjacking efforts will go undetected as it will be viewed as ‘old news ‘.

No matter how great your newsjacking concept is, it requires to be launched at the correct time for it to get attention. The diagram listed below programs the perfect time to newsjack a story prior to reporters begin rushing for additional info and the general public enjoyment grows. If you have the ability to get your brand name in the door at the correct time, you will enter into the story as it starts to trend on social networks.

4. Tread Carefully and Consider Potential Pitfalls

Many brand names have actually experienced reaction due to ill-thought-out efforts at newsjacking, and have actually been slammed for appearing insensitive or out of touch when talking about trending newspaper article. If your brand name seems out of touch when newsjacking, it might lead to you acquiring attention for all the incorrect factors.

With that in mind, it pays to be careful and sense examine what you are intending on publishing with others prior to you click ‘post’. If you are talking about more controversial problems, ensure that your remark appears authentic and doesn’t include pressing items

5. Align with Your Brand Image

Once you’ve discovered a breaking newspaper article to discuss, it can be appealing to function as rapidly as possible. Although acting rapidly is necessary, it is likewise important that anything you put out remains in positioning with your brand name image or you may run the risk of reputational damage. Make sure that anything you are publishing fits with your brand name image and would be something that your audience wish to see.

This is likewise crucial when considering what social networks platform to utilize for newsjacking.

Examples of Newsjacking

When it was reported in 2021 that grocery store Aldi was being taken legal action against by Marks and Spencer for apparently copying their popular ‘Colin the Caterpillar cake’, Aldi chose to take a light-hearted method to the news by poking enjoyable of the newspaper article on Twitter. Many other grocery store brand names took part with the dispute on social networks, and it turned into one of the greatest social networks stories of the year.

The unusual storming of Area 51, a strategy hatched by conspiracy theorists who thought Area 51 was where the United States Government was concealing extraterrestrials, was a substantial social networks story. Many social networks users saw the story as a little enjoyable, and Oreo followed suit with an easy tweet, asking its fans what tastes of Oreo they thought were being concealed in Area 51. The tweet acquired countless impressions and got a lot of individuals speaking about their preferred Oreo tastes on social networks.


Newsjacking can be a dazzling chance for brand names huge and little to enhance their voice and reach brand-new audiences. By understanding typical risks and remaining real to your brand name, you can utilize newsjacking to grow your brand name awareness and reach brand-new audiences.


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