How to Sell Vintage Items for Use as Home Decor

You might well have actually something packed away in your garage, basement or under your bed that’s worth excellent cash as another person’s house design. If not on your grass, there are most likely numerous products at your moms and dads’ or grandparents’ home.

Spend a couple of minutes on HGTV or Pinterest and you’ll see that old remains in. Wooden tennis rackets, metal fans, Mason containers of marbles, Viewmasters and plank-doors-turned-tables decorate beautiful houses and hip dining establishments.

Thousands of interior designers purchase these things on house design websites such as or along with eBay. Architectural salvage shops are likewise a huge source. Individuals can offer one or numerous products on these websites. Local salvage shops are constantly purchasing personally also.

How Much Can You Get Selling Old Stuff for Vintage Home Decor?

Based on interviews with salvage sellers and online house design websites, here’s what you may bring for a few of your old “junk.”

  • Avocado green 1960s Corningware: $75 each
  • Wooden ladder: $20 to $40
  • 1980s push-button phone: $50
  • Metal galvanized washtub: $20
  • 1970s wood tennis racket: $60
  • Wooden dog crates: $5 to $50
  • 1970s Smith Corona electrical typewriter: $250
  • Two feet of green slab fencing: $10
  • Seven classic books in the very same shade: $100

Decor opens brand-new chances to offer things you believe no one desires. A somewhat rusted outboard motor isn’t going to cost a marina, however a salvage shopkeeper with interior designers as clients desires it. The motor will offer due to the fact that of its appearance installed on the wall of a beach home, not to power a boat.

Another example: Designers and designers care more about color than material. A copy of “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books” opts for about $6 on, a leading seller of utilized books. But a group of 7 classic books, consisting of numerous copies of “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books” in a range of tones of blue, costs more than $125 on

Vintage Decor Is in Demand

“I think over the years it’s become a bit of a trend to create different spaces and clever spaces,” stated Richard Hughes, primary innovative officer with Clear ph Design in St. Petersburg, Florida. “I think the more we’ve seen social media come into play, the more outlandish people get with their ideas.”

His business produces digital marketing, establishes brand names and consults on interior decoration for industrial areas.

Clear ph assisted develop the try to find Salt Shack on the Bay, a waterside seafood dining establishment in Tampa.

“We had to find things like old crab traps, old shipping cleats and ropes,” Hughes stated.

The expansion of house design television programs has actually made classic design more of a traditional pattern. It’s not simply designers and designers who picture old things as magnificent accents and design.

“I can always tell when something’s been on TV because all of the sudden everyone wants a funky door for their pantry or suddenly everyone wants a fireplace surround even if they don’t have a fireplace. These shows help drive creativity,” stated Larry Schiller, owner of Schiller’s Architectural & Design Salvage in Tampa.

It’s not simply the desire to be special that drives classic house design; stories and sustainability are necessary, too.

“Designers are trying to find pieces that begin discussions, like ‘Where did you get that?’ or ‘That piece must have quite a history behind it,’ “ stated Jesse White, owner of Sarasota Architectural Salvage.

Like Schiller’s, he offers mainly architectural salvage such as doors, windows, fireplace surrounds, lighting and lumber.

Here’s How to Start Selling Your Old Stuff for Home Decor

While there are a great deal of house design websites and brick-and-mortar shops, not all of them let people offer their own products. Here are some alternatives that invite outdoors sellers.

Selling Old Stuff to an Architectural Salvage Warehouse

Start by discovering an architectural salvage shop in your location. Most cities have at least one. While they concentrate on structural pieces such as bay windows or columns, they likewise desire those special products that end up being design.

Find the architectural salvage outlet in your location, and inspect the site to discover if and when it is purchasing from the general public. Then take a look at images on websites throughout the nation to get a concept of what they purchase and offer.

In-individual sales to a salvage shopkeeper can often use more possibilities than publishing things online. As you fill your cars and truck with an old metal tricycle and a box of swimming pool balls, you observe some old picket fencing in the rafters of your moms and dads’ garage. Take it along and see if you can get $5 or $10 for it. That’s unworthy the time and cash to publish online and ship, however if you remain in individual and currently offering other more popular products, you likely can eliminate less fashionable things, too.

The storage facility needs to make revenue on its purchases when it offers your things to clients, so it  might pay less than a website such as However, it’s normally money on the area without the inconvenience of publishing, shipping and paying a cut to the website.

Sell Vintage Items Online

Here are 3 of the very best alternatives for offering that 1980s push-button phone or your grandma’s wood bowl that’s formed like a pineapple. provides cool pieces from furnishings to classic postcards. The business authorizes and retouch each listing you send and deals with payment and shipping. It charges approximately 30% of the price. Potential purchasers can likewise use less than the asking cost so there is space for working out if your products don’t offer in the time frame you’d like. runs in the Northeast and San Francisco Bay location. Sellers can note products at no charge on and the site takes 15% to 38% of the price. It deals with the publishing, payment processing and marketing. Sellers can enable buyers to get their products or collaborate with AptDeco to make the shipment. The seller can use to pay none, some or all of the shipment expense.

The website lists mainly furnishings however likewise has classifications for classic design.


If you note less than 250 products a month, there’s no cost to publish a product on eBay. The online merchant keeps approximately 12.9% of the price and 30 cents per order.

“We definitely look on eBay sometimes,” stated Hughes, with Clear ph Design. Many of the very same things offered on are likewise offered on eBay.

Beware that designers are frequently ready to pay more on than deal buyers trying to find offers on eBay. A push-button telephone was just recently noted on for $85, while a comparable one on eBay cost $30. The asking cost for a 1970s Chris Evert backed wood tennis racket was $85 on and $17 on eBay.

But keep in mind takes a larger cut of your sale.

Katherine Snow Smith is a press reporter and editor living in between St. Petersburg, Florida, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She’s the author of “Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker: Missteps & Lessons Learned.”


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