How To Sync WordPress Users Data Over Zoho CRM

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Zoho CRM has actually been a popular option for services considering that its creation.

Among all the CRMs offered, it is the sixth most popular CRM internationally with 4% of CRM market share.

crm market share
Source: Builtwith

Businesses are utilizing Zoho CRM for a number of factors, like reporting, evaluating information, and automating recurring jobs, and so on.

But to do all this, you initially require to send out information to this platform.

And considering that there are a number of WordPress users utilizing Zoho CRM, and as we were getting lots of demands, we chose to inform you how you can sync your WordPress user’s information over Zoho CRM.

So here we go.

What Are WordPress Users?

WordPress users are those who have login access to your site and can check in to your site utilizing their qualifications.

For example, you may desire those users to check in to your site who wish to raise a ticket. Here, you can let them produce an account so they can raise a ticket. Or you can let those users check in who wish to add to your site in some way like through a visitor post.

As quickly as they sign up on your WordPress site, they end up being a signed up user of your site.

Now these users might have numerous information. For circumstances, they can have a First and surname, contact number, e-mail, date of birth, and so on. And you wish to sync all this information to Zoho CRM.

So I’d state the simplest method to do that is by utilizing a tool.

And as a specialist WordPress firm, we’ve produced such a tool called CRM combination for Zoho.

What is CRM Integration for Zoho?

CRM combination for Zoho is a plugin that assists you link your WooCommerce shop with Zoho CRM so you can sync your shop’s information over the CRM.

crm integration for zoho

By sending out all of your WooCommerce shop information over Zoho CRM, you make information management much easier for you as all of your details will be saved in one location, i.e. Zoho CRM. And you can act like evaluating the information, developing the reports, and so on. with complete confidence.

Apart from information synchronization, this combination plugin likewise provides lots of other functions. We will discuss them later on in this short article.

Let’s very first pertained to the essence of this post.

Want to Manage Your Data Smoothly Over Zoho CRM?

Try our WooCommerce Zoho CRM Integration and make information managing problem-free.

What Are Feeds in CRM Integration for Zoho?

zoho feed settings

Feeds are merely a set of guidelines that specify what information you’ll sync over Zoho CRM and how it will sync.

Using feeds, you can choose what items’ information you wish to sync. Apart from that, you can map the fields with the worth they’ll hold, choose the occasion that will set off the synchronization and more.

Types of Feeds in Zoho WooCommerce Integration

You get 2 kinds of feeds with our Zoho WooCommerce Integration plugin.

These are default and custom-made feeds.

The default feeds let you sync information for items like Contacts, Sales Order, Deals, and Products.

But there are a number of other items apart from these 4, like Leads, Quotes, Events, Notes, and far more.

And to sync information for these items, you can produce custom-made feeds.

So now we understand what feeds are.

So let’s move even more and find out how to sync WordPress users information over Zoho CRM.

How to Sync WordPress Users’ Data over Zoho CRM with Custom Feed?

Here are the actions to sync WordPress users’ information over Zoho CRM:

1. Download CRM Integration for Zoho plugin from WooCommerce shop.

zoho woocommerce integration

2. Install and trigger the plugin from your WordPress control panel.

3. After triggering the plugin, browse to MakeWebBetter > CRM Connect – Zoho from the left panel in your WordPress control panel.

zoho crm plugin navigation

4. Setup the plugin if you haven’t currently. You can have a look at this setup guide to find out how to start with this plugin.

5. After establishing the plugin, you require to produce a brand-new feed. For that, go to the Feeds area in the plugin.

6. You’ll see 4 default feeds because area called Contacts Feed, Deals Feed, Sales Order Feed, Products Feed.

default zoho feeds

7. You can produce a brand-new feed by clicking the Add Feeds button or modifying the existing contacts feed. I’d recommend you produce a various feed to sync WordPress user’s information.

8. After developing the feed, click the edit icon to configure it.

9. You’ll see a dropdown stating the Select Object. Click on it and choose the Contacts things and some choices will appear.

select zoho object

10. Then you’ll see a dropdown called Map Fields. Here you can map all the fields with the information they’ll consist of. You can likewise choose what information you wish to sync and what you don’t. If you click the Field Value dropdown in this area and scroll down, you’ll see a group of fields that come from the WordPress users. Select the needed fields amongst those and after that continue even more.

map object fields

11. After mapping fields, include a brand-new field by choosing the particular field from the Add New Field dropdown. However, you can likewise avoid this action if you don’t need other fields.

add new field

12. Then click the Primary Field dropdown and choose the field you wish to function as a main secret.

select primary field

13. Now click the Select Event dropdown and choose WP User Updated/Created occasion. This will activate this feed whenever a brand-new WordPress User is produced or upgraded.

feed trigger event

14. Now if you wish to sync the visitor order contacts too, go to the last choice called Guest / Registered Users and make it possible for the Use for visitor users just checkbox. After that, choose the feed you wish to sync the contacts information with and you’re all set.

guest user toggle

So that was all. Now you might believe this is rather an annoying procedure. But let me inform you, it doesn’t even take 5 minutes.

Other Significant Features of CRM Integration for Zoho

While information syncing is the core function of this Zoho WooCommerce combination plugin, it likewise provides some other functions that make work simple for users. Here’s a list of those functions:

  • Background information sync: Enabling this function would sync all of your information in the background so you can keep doing your work and don’t await all the information to sync.

background sync toggle

  • Instant sync: Instant sync enables you to sync all your information immediately. As quickly as the synchronization occasion activates, it will sync the information, else the information will sync at a set period of time.

instant sync toggle

  • Detailed sync logs: This combination brings a detailed sync log report with it that reveals every information of the information that was effectively synced or stopped working. With this log report, you can see lots of things like Feeds, WooCommerce Object, Object ID, Time, and more.

detailed sync logs

  • Wipe information on disconnection: This function lets you clean all the information you’ve synced on detaching the plugin. This will not erase any information from the Zoho CRM, however eliminate all the information saved in the combination just.

wipe data toggle

  • Store logs as long as you desire: You can define the variety of days you wish to keep the logs for. If you choose one month in the setting, the logs will be saved for one month just.

enable logging toggle

Final Thoughts

Syncing WordPress users over Zoho CRM isn’t an uphill struggle now.

You can configure your Zoho CRM Feeds and the rest will be done immediately.

So if you likewise wish to see and handle all your WordPress users from one tool, simply download our Zoho Integration, setup Zoho CRM feeds as I informed you and unwind.

If you require any sort of assist with the plugin, you can constantly connect with us.

Interested in Other Zoho Integrations?

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