How to Use AI-Generated Video Clips in Product Videos

There’s no concern about the worth of utilizing video material on your site and social pages. Video controls the web, representing about 80% of online material. And the need for video continues to grow.

Even the most respected brand names are having a hard time to produce sufficient video material for their sales and social channels. AI video generators are a brand-new service to this issue, and they’re acquiring a great deal of traction with significant brand names. 

These video development services utilize expert system and artificial intelligence to create videos without the requirement for a team, stars, or complex modifying software application. Just plug in a short article or a script in addition to some info about your brand name, and with a click, you can create an appealing video all set to publish on your website or social networks. 

But AI isn’t constantly dependable, and the worth these services offer is frequently misconstrued. 

AI video are not a replacement for producing appealing video material. But, they can help some in your material efforts, permitting you to cut expenses and keep a robust material development schedule. 

Below, we’ll provide you a peek at the various kinds of AI video generation and advise how to utilize them successfully in item videos.  

AI-Generated Video Creators for Product Videos

There are 3 kinds of AI-video generators that are acquiring appeal amongst online marketers. Each has various possible usages. We sum them up as the following:

Text-to-Video AI 

These AI video tools evaluate text and match it with images and clips drawn from stock libraries. For example, you can copy/paste a whole post on “How to Bake a Cake,” into the tool and the AI will develop a video utilizing stock video and text overlays. You can likewise include music to these appealing slide-show-style videos. 

If the AI doesn’t get it ideal, you can modify the text or swap out material from countless stock images and videos. 

This is not the most advanced video development innovation, however it’s terrific for turning listicles and useful posts into videos. You can likewise include your own media to develop item statements and sharable item listings. Even if you don’t utilize the whole AI-generated video, you can cherry-pick clips or utilize design templates to get totally free video results for your item videos.  
Check out to see a text-to-video AI generator in action.

Text-to-Avatar AI

Text-to-Avatar AI turns any text into a script spoken by an on-screen AI avatar. These avatars look and sound much like genuine individuals, permitting you to “create” a star rather of employing one. 

The most popular AI avatar video generator is, which has more than 50 avatars to select from. You can likewise choose design templates and customize on-screen text and images to match your brand name. 

To include your item, just publish images you wish to consist of and modify them into the video. The avatar can stay on one side of the screen, in a bubble, or in the background while you include your item. Take a take a look at an example here.  

This AI tool needs a bit more modifying to make top quality material, however it can conserve you loads on employing live stars and voiceover stars. We advised it for producing case research studies and item explainers.  

AI Animation

AI-generated animated videos can be extremely engaging on your site and social networks pages. Just input a script and include a little info about your brand name, and tools like Raw Shorts will create an AI animation that would have taken numerous human hours to stimulate and modify.

Once the animation has actually been produced, you can utilize an easy editor to switch images and text till whatever looks the method you desire it to. Then, modify the music and voiceover to discover your distinct tone. 

Animated videos take a little time to get ideal, however compared to producing your own animations, they are lightning-fast to produce. We advise utilizing them for explainers and landing page videos. 

How to Make Engaging Product Videos Using AI 

Here are some pointers on how to utilize the above tools in your video marketing projects.

Upgrade Your Explainers: AI video generators are restricted in their scope, however they can produce premium product/service explainers in record time. This can enormously benefit your brand name, as 85% of customers are most likely to transform after seeing an explainer video.

Use AI Avatars to Build Trust: When customers see human faces in videos, they tend to rely on the material more. Use AI to include an additional measurement of compassion to your videos without employing a star. It might suffice to have an avatar appear on screen for simply a couple of seconds at the start and end of your video. 

Use AI with a Green Screen: AI video generators are proficient at auto-selecting stock video material that matches your brand name, and they have countless videos and images to select from. You might have the ability to enhance your video production substantially by utilizing AI to assist create green screen video or background animations. 

Boost your Social Media Presence: Your social networks audiences are exceptionally requiring when it pertains to video material. Creating a couple of AI-generated videos a week to accompany your human-generated material can assist you stay up to date with customers’ material needs. 

Blend AI with Real Video Production: There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with exporting AI videos and after that cutting them up with a video editor. In truth, you will most likely require to do this if you wish to display your items artistically. Don’t compromise; take what you can from AI and fill out the fractures with premium human production—or vice versa. 

Use AI to Improve Product Videos—But Don’t Become a Machine

AI video generators are important tools for making quality videos at a portion of the expense. But keep in mind that AI isn’t an end-all for video development. It simply offers your present efforts an increase. Trying to flex AI to your will might lead to perceivably bad and disingenuous material, harming your brand name. 

You still require to be imaginative when utilizing AI-generated videos, and you won’t have the ability to click the Quit button on that modifying software application right now. Capitalize on the minimal strengths of AI while keeping your present requirements of quality and you must have the ability to cut your expenses and increase output. 


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