How To Use Old Blog Posts To Improve Your SERP Rankings?

Your old article are necessary properties since SEO is a long-lasting effort. On top of that, blogging still works. In truth, 84% of companies have a continuous material marketing method, and they produce 67% more leads each month than those who don’t.

How To Use Old Blog Posts To Improve Your SERP Rankings?

Your old material currently ranks in search. Instead of going back to square one, you can enhance your SERP from a currently developed ranking. The phase is currently set – the only thing you require to do now is usage what you currently need to climb up ranks in the SERPS. Here is how to do it!

Analyze your blog site prior to doing anything 

Before you can do anything, you require to find the precise state your old material remains in. Fortunately, you have access to numerous blog site analytics tools you can utilize to examine all the important aspects of SEO. Some of the essential metrics to concentrate on consist of keywords and site packing speed. 

However, to distinguish old article in regards to just how much they add to your SERP ranks, you ought to pay more attention to natural traffic and bounce rates.

Organic traffic will assist you find article that still produce clicks. With a bit of tuning, you can turn these posts into evergreen pieces and utilize them to enhance your SERP. Bounce rates will assist you find out-of-date article that bear no worth to your site visitors. 

Finally, there are analytics tools you can utilize to track site modifications. In the coming weeks, you will be making numerous modifications to your blog site. The capability to track the modifications is an exceptional choice to have if you choose to go back to older variations. 

Improve your SERP with brand-new keywords 

If your article produce enough natural traffic, however the bounce rates are above the roofing, the opportunities are that you are not striking the sweet area in regards to drawing in the perfect target market. Diving deeper into keyword research study can offer you with responses on how to attract your potential customers.

See, the important things is that search volume and keyword trouble modification gradually, as do your potential customers’ online habits and purchase intent.

To enhance your site for success, you require to utilize the most appropriate keywords. Keyword research study can assist you determine appropriate keywords with high search volume and low trouble. You can modify your article and include brand-new keywords to enhance outcomes, and get that old material to work for you once again. 

Add brand-new links 

The links in your old article are essential for SEO efforts. It goes to both internal and external links. Search engines like Google run advanced algorithms to much better comprehend what your website has to do with in the past ranking it. Search engines utilize the links and anchor text to do it much better.

Your very first objective is to examine your old article, search for damaged links, and change them with links that really work. Next, you ought to include internal and external links. 

Internal links will assist you mention the most crucial pages on your site to online search engine and inform them what the pages have to do with. Plus, they can assist your visitors quickly browse the website, engage them, and improve the experience.

Adding external links can likewise enhance your SERP and unlock for a continuous link-building method. External links can assist you include depth and worth to your material, enhance topical signals, develop trust, and show knowledge.

Share your old posts

Social media platforms can be an excellent source of natural traffic. Given that you have old material all set to go, you can utilize it to engage a social networks audience and develop a bigger social networks following. Many business don’t pursue this method since they don’t have the resources to routinely produce and share brand-new material.

Your old posts can offer you sufficient time to work to produce brand-new material as you will have the ability to share old posts. The finest aspect of it is that you don’t need to do it by hand.

You ought to think about utilizing a social networks management tool to simplify your workflow. You can utilize it to link all your social networks channels, produce a publishing strategy, and schedule posts. The tool will instantly share your old article.  

Plus, you get to dive into analytics and reports to evaluate the efficiency of every one of your posts and determine the most appropriate social networks channel for your service. 

Republishing posts with recently found appropriate keywords and including a brand-new date can likewise assist enhance your SERP. People choose checking out current posts more than those that go back 5+ years. If you are stressed over being punished for replicate material, you can prevent it with 301 redirects.

Update posts 

Another method to utilize your old posts to enhance your SEO is to reword them. It can assist make your posts more appropriate, important, and engaging. Besides upgrading your visitors with brand-new advancements, your upgraded posts can assist you bring in brand-new readers, boost traffic, and enhance your position in SERPs.

There are a number of things you can do. Expanding old posts by including brand-new appropriate info is the most rational strategy. However, you can likewise upgrade your cover image, make your headings more appealing, and include a tabulation to make it much easier for readers to glance your posts.

Refresh on-page SEO 

The last thing you can do with your old article to enhance SERP rank is to revitalize on-page SEO. It’s crucial to examine all your article since you may have forgotten to enhance on-page SEO when you published them.

Now that you have a fresh keyword research study report, you can utilize the appropriate keywords to upgrade:

  • Title tag
  • Subheadings
  • URL
  • Image alt text
  • Meta title
  • Meta description


You ought to never ever disregard your old article. As you can see, there are still lots of methods you can utilize them to enhance your SERP. Don’t simply go directly to leveraging your old material, however. First, you require to find how it carries out, consisting of the brand-new appropriate keywords. 

With blog site analysis and keyword research study reports, you can make educated choices and pick the very best method to utilize.


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