How to Write a Job Description

You just get one possibility to make an excellent impression. And if you’re attempting to work with somebody, your impression will be the task description you put in your “help wanted” advertisement.

For working with supervisors, that’s why it’s so essential to get this right. Do you wish to make an actually great hire and not an average one? An engaging task description will make all the distinction when it concerns discovering the very best prospects.

We’re going to take a look at why composing task descriptions is such a vital and ignored part of today’s working with procedure. It’s worth it to make the effort and make the effort to compose the very best task description you perhaps can.

Why the Job Description Is So Important

On popular task boards like ZipRecruiter and others, task hunters tend to glance one task publishing after another, trying to find one that leaps out at them — a task advertisement that particularly matches what they’re trying to find.

That indicates your task description needs to be direct, to the point, detailed, and total. It likewise need to properly show the real task that you’re attempting to work with somebody to do.

A great task description will bring in certified prospects. It will set your task publishing above the other task advertisements in your field. It will set the proper expectations for what your brand-new staff member will be doing as soon as they’re worked with. And it will streamline and enhance the procedure for both you and your candidate swimming pool.

It will likewise assist with keeping skill as soon as you’ve employed them, since they’re less most likely to be stunned and annoyed by the needs of the task.

Elements of a Good Job Description

Let’s enter the nuts and bolts of what makes a reliable task description. Here’s what you’ll require to consist of:

Job Title

This is a quick description of the task, normally just one to 4 words long. Start with something like “sales director” or “project manager” or “software designer.”

The essential thing is to make the task title basic and clear. Also, remember that task hunters on ZipRecruiter and other task boards will be utilizing the website’s search bar to look for market terms that they’re familiar with. So stick to your market’s basic language, and don’t get adorable here. “Rockstar engineer” might sound enjoyable, however it isn’t an excellent task title. Job hunters aren’t going to discover it.

Depending on your market, you might require to make the task title a little longer and more particular — like if you’re looking for a particular kind of software application engineer or trainer or job supervisor.

Job Summary

This is a summary, normally a couple of sentences long, explaining what your brand-new hire will be performing in their brand-new task. It’s a top-level, bird’s eye view of the position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here’s where you break down more particularly what task tasks your prospective prospects will be doing every day if they get the task.

Break it down into possibly 5 to 8 bullet points, with clear and succinct descriptions of what the task involves. Don’t make the descriptions too long, however don’t make them unclear, either. That’ll shut off any task applicant.

Be particular about what the brand-new staff member will be anticipated to do. In order to bring in certified prospects, explain the task to them as plainly as you can.

List the tasks in order of value, or how regularly the staff member will be doing them.

If you’re attempting to work with a brand-new manager, ensure to define precisely what sort of obligation that individual will have. How much authority will this individual need to work with, train, designate work tasks to, examine, and either discipline or reward the staff members they’ll be monitoring?

Required Skills

Here’s where you note the “must have” technical abilities that this position needs.

Again, be reasonably quick however particular. Every word counts here.

In your task description, define whether the task applicant simply requires a standard working understanding of the jobs or concepts you’re discussing, or whether they require more extensive or extensive understanding of the subject.

Don’t get brought away here. Specific requirements can weed candidates out, however impractical requirements in task descriptions will keep candidates away. If you’re wishing for more, utilize the following area:

Preferred Skills

These are the “nice to have skills” that it would be handy for your brand-new staff member to have. These abilities would assist your brand-new hire prosper, however they’re not definitely important.

Compensation and Benefits

Very essential! This is something that prospective prospects are absolutely going to need to know.

Lots of companies won’t consist of wage info in their task descriptions, however you may think about a minimum of consisting of a pay variety. Not doing so can lead to losing time for everybody included.

This is an excellent location to promote the staff member advantages and any advantages that your business uses.


Describe just how much experience you anticipate certified prospects to have in this specific field.


Describe the academic certifications that you need candidates to have. Do they require a college degree? A degree in any particular discipline?

Do they require any specific accreditations?

Location and Working Conditions

Here’s the main point that prospective prospects will need to know nowadays: Is this task remote? At a physical area? Or is it some sort of hybrid?

Again, don’t get adorable or strange. Spell out precisely what will be anticipated from your brand-new staff member. They’ll need to know if they’d require to move or commute for this task.

As for working conditions, prospective prospects naturally will need to know what to anticipate.

Is the task inside your home or outdoors? Are there physical requirements, such as standing, typing, or raising heavy things? Is there a gown code? Is there travel included?

Your Company

Here’s where you speak about your business objective, business culture and any other essential business information potential staff members are going to need to know.

Some business have a prolonged objective declaration, with much conversation of their worths. If so, you don’t require to consist of whatever. Boil it down to a core declaration.

Final Tips

Write in a succinct, direct, basic design. Avoid lingo and company buzzwords. Don’t be unclear or strange. Be precise.

That method, when you put your task advertisement on ZipRecruiter or a comparable task board, your task will stick out. It’ll talk to the candidate swimming pool you require to talk to.

A great task description is a reliable task description. It’ll make all the distinction.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior author at The Penny Hoarder.


A news media journalist always on the go, I've been published in major publications including VICE, The Atlantic, and TIME.

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