Interviewing Katherine Deng, Founder of MEXC Pioneer and Charlie Hu, Polygon Head of SE Asia and China About the Initiative and its Benefits

Many people are currently knowledgeable about MEXC Global as a crypto trading platform and now the intro of the MEXC Pioneer program has actually got us much more interested to understand more about MEXC and its different efforts. We chose to consult with Katherine Deng, creator of MEXC Pioneer to understand more about the program and get in touch with Pioneer’s most current partner in this effort, Polygon.

Q: Hi Katherine, would you please inform our readers about MEXC Global and how it differs from other exchanges and trading platforms?

Definitely, we have actually been developed given that April 2018, and have more than 7 million users in more than 75 nations all over the world. MEXC Global is among the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges with more than 800 tokens in area trading on our platform. Lately, we have actually likewise partnered with Bybit to develop an innovative CEX union for over 10 million users to gain from our collaboration. We are collaborating carefully for quality jobs for our joint Launchpad, which indicates the jobs releasing on the Launchpad on MEXC Global and Bybit will be vetted by both our expert groups in order to provide our users a much more secure and greater opportunity to buy quality jobs.

Q: Hi Charlie, would you please inform our readers about how a reputable community, Polygon, takes a look at the MEXC Pioneer’s facility?

First of all, I actually value the occasion invite today from the MEXC Pioneer program. It’s fantastic to see that MEXC developed this brand-new worldwide Pioneer accelerator effort to assist increase the community structure with Polygon. From Polygon’s perspective, we have actually experienced a big development of community jobs within Polygon. In 2021, the variety of jobs that have actually released on the Polygon network has actually grown from 200 to 3000, based upon the current on-chain report made by Alchemy. With this quick development of community adoption, we do discover it extremely challenging to simply respond to our own Polygon main group to provide all the comprehensive community assistance without other community partners’ assistance. That’s why the Polygon group actually rejoices and grateful to see the MEXC Pioneer program developed with such a huge vision and assistance in the pipeline for Polygon.

Polygon will keep its concentrate on the blockchain network full-stack scaling, with the brand-new concentrate on the Zk-Rollups, together with the adoption layer concentrate on the web3 video gaming and metaverse. Polygon developed a different organization entity and brand name called Polygon Studio which intends to be the worldwide facilitator for web3 video gaming, metaverse and NFTs. We hope we can co-build and help with first-rate jobs together with the MEXC Pioneer program.

 Q: What is MEXC Pioneer everything about?

MEXC Pioneer is a platform developed to provide brand-new jobs, innovators and business owners the tools needed to turn their dreams into truth. To assistance do this, we are releasing a $100 million development fund to support blockchain innovation and facilities jobs, particularly those concentrated on structure cross-chain facilities, NFTs, video gaming and decentralized financing systems.

Q: What was the thinking behind this effort?

For individuals who recognize with MEXC Global, we have a strong record in leading jobs development, particularly in regards to assisting support brand-new and visionary jobs in taking their initial steps forward. In the previous 3 years, we have actually supported more than 100 brand-new jobs. These consist of supporting jobs within the communities such as Solana, Polygon, Avalanche and Algorand in their early days. These have actually all gone on to end up being family names around the crypto sphere.

Initially, these groups all had big capacity and execution expertise however needed assistance — economically and in the kind of mentorship. Especially in the quick advancement of the blockchain area today, we have actually seen there are a growing number of exceptional designers in this market with stories of mismatched resources or financing. Hence, we intend to be their relied on partner offering the assistance they require, assisting bring their concepts to life and dealing with them throughout their entrepreneurship.

Q: How do you believe the MEXC Pioneer program will assist today’s crypto community?

[MEXC] The MEXC Pioneer platform and its group will not just financing and assistance decentralized jobs however assist to determine, invest, market and construct the neighborhoods of the decentralized world’s most skilled designers and groups.

We aren’t simply seeking to speed up the adoption and development in the market, however to improve the stability and trust in between jobs, neighborhoods and other crucial gamers in the market, while assisting our neighborhoods and partners to grow and grow. We wish to do whatever we can to pull the future forward and benefit the higher neighborhood in this journey.

[Polygon] In 2021, we see a great deal of brand-new developments concerning the marketplace, with strong items and an excellent neighborhood. Polygon has actually currently supported leading DeFi, NFT, GameFi jobs in our community such as AAVE, Quickswap, OpenSea, Decentraland, Sandbox, Cryptovosels, Aavegotchi, Skyweaver and Zed run and so on.

But we comprehend our resources and bandwidth are restricted. We cannot maintain the very same level of community assistance to all the upcoming countless brand-new Polygon community jobs without partnering with a top-level third-party commercial facilitator, incubator and accelerator, like MEXC Pioneer.

Q: How does one entered into the MEXC Pioneer program, and what can they anticipate to get out of it?

For anybody who has an interest in using to the MEXC Pioneer program, please follow our Twitter and site. The registration date for brand-new jobs will be revealed quickly.

The chosen jobs will be offered with tactical capital from the Pioneer development fund, routine mentorship from consultants who are CEOs and financiers from widely known jobs and VCs, in addition to marketing assistance from industry-leading influencers who onboarded on the MEXC Pioneer platform. On top of that, jobs will have access to extra value-add functional assistance from MEXC Global’s community, consisting of PR and marketing, legal, recruitment, and so on.

Q: How does MEXC Pioneer take advantage of the existing MEXC Global facilities for the advantage of getting involved jobs?

As pointed out previously, jobs can gain from the resources in the MEXC Global community consisting of PR and marketing, legal, monetary and recruitment. This is likewise the distinct competitive benefit that MEXC Pioneer has, we embrace a diversity method by leveraging existing MEXC Global resources, permitting us to supply all-in-one functional services to jobs in a wide range of DeFi sectors.

Q: What are the various communities that are presently partnering with MEXC Pioneer?

Before MEXC Pioneer was formally revealed, we currently had actually close relationships in location with Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, and Algorand and we will likewise be partnering with more leading communities in the market, in order to supply larger possibilities for skilled and ingenious designer groups out there and to add to growing the entire world of decentralized innovation.

Q: Tell us more about MEXC Pioneer and Polygon’s collaborations and partnerships with other jobs or organizations

[Polygon] Polygon has a huge pipeline of GameFi jobs that are going to be released by the end of 2021 or Q1 2022. With all these video game jobs released, we wish to see a huge development in the everyday active users, active wallet addresses and community activities. We hope the collaboration with MEXC Pioneer can make it more powerful and more scalable in the community engagement with our users.

Q: Now that we understand MEXC is intending on working together with Polygon, what can we anticipate from it, from both sides? Can you each response this one?

[MEXC] We have actually worked carefully with Polygon in its early phase, with the current GameFi market buzz, Polygon has actually currently supported a great deal of fantastic jobs in NFT, DeFi, and GameFi. Now that with our $100m development fund particularly concentrating on supporting the jobs in the metaverse idea from MEXC Pioneer, and with Polygon Studio introducing, we take place to hold the very same view of integrating our strength together into a much better collaboration.


MEXC has actually been extremely helpful in Polygon’s previous hackathon and with lots of community job listings such as OneRare, ApeSwap financing, and Step Hero. We wish to discover big, active user bases from MEXC Pioneer from South East Asia, Europe, and Latin America. These areas are in fact the very same active areas as Polygon community users. Therefore, our company believe there is an intriguing synergy to co-building the community and pressing the jobs forward together.

Q: Any brand-new statements or surprises in shop for the crypto neighborhood?

[MEXC] There will certainly be great deals of interesting news showing up on our future collaboration statements, and we will develop a MEXC Pioneer hackathon early next year, all of our partners within the worlds of equity capital, community advancement, influencers and media will all be pursuing the very same objective – bringing the very best jobs into the decentralized world.

[Polygon] We have a couple of things showing up. The upcoming acquisition of some first-rate zk-rollup engineering groups will be revealed quickly, remain tuned. Also, there is great deals of interesting news on the top-level, triple-A video games originating from Polygon Studio. 

Q: Anything else you wish to show our readers from your viewpoints towards MEXC Pioneer?

[MEXC] We are so ecstatic to have the opportunity to continue our collaboration with Polygon, and moreover, we will be working closer than in the past in constructing a platform where all quality job groups can be supported in every method they require, with the assistance of our fantastic partner like Polygon.

[Polygon] We hope we can bring fantastic community jobs into the MEXC Pioneer program.

There are some actually intriguing GameFi, SocialFi, DAO and other brand-new locations of jobs such as SportFi coming out and together we will be at the leading edge of all of them. We will share more information once they are all set.


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