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After 21 months of caring this kid, we are so thrilled to formally present you to our kid, David Mateo Paine.

And yes, typing that word kid brings tears to my eyes. I cannot think I get the present of caring this kid. He has actually genuinely altered everyone so exceptionally.

David, you are so exceptionally liked. Today, we honor your brave mother who enjoys you a lot and who selected your lovely name for you. It not just fits completely for who you are… it likewise fits our pre-determined kid name pattern (2 syllable, 5-letter Bible name given name , three-syllable Bible name middle name — how incredible is that??).

David suggests “beloved” and Mateo suggests “gift of God”. And it couldn’t explain you more properly.

When the DCS caseworker dropped you off in the middle of the night 21 months back, we had no concept simply how precious you would end up being to everyone. I bear in mind that very first week — when you were so sickly and malnourished — yet you covered your little finger around mine, checked out my eyes, and began talking best to me. And my heart began falling deeply in love. I’ve enjoyed your sweet spirit and smile record each of our hearts in such a deep method.

Your life is a present. From being born at 27 weeks with Down syndrome and a serious cleft lip/palate, God has actually had His hand of security all over you. And you have actually taught all of us to see God’s presents and goodness in brand-new methods.

We enjoy you, valuable David, and we are so grateful for your life! You are a strolling wonder, you continuously defy the chances, and we look forward with anticipation to what God has for your future.

David Mateo Paine… here’s to permanently. ❤️

If you wish to see more images and find out more about the adoption, head over here and here.

Jesse and I took a seat a week prior to the adoption and summarized 2022. We shared about the adoption and some ideas and sensations leading up to it, lessons we found out in 2022, and some highlights from the year (consisting of discussing our earliest dating for the very first time and what that’s resembled for us as moms and dads).

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In This Episode

[00:33] – This is the last episode of 2022!

[01:41] – The title of my brand-new book.

[04:51] – Micah has actually been a true blessing from 2022!

[07:06] – This year has actually not lacked its obstacles.

[09:29] – We likewise have our older ladies preparing to go to college.

[12:18] – Jesse and I have actually found out to let go this year.

[13:10] – I show back on focusing on neighborhood.

[16:37] – I discuss how we started homeschooling once again this year.

[18:27] – Our earliest remains in a dating relationship for the very first time this year.

[21:20] – The adoption and our ideas leading up to it.


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