Is PEPE A Rug Pull? Here’s What We Know

The Pepe token was the primary token that delighted in tremendous success throughout the meme coin craze in May this year. However, the token experienced a substantial drop as the craze went out. And now, a current advancement appears to recommend that the group behind it might have deserted the job.

$15.6 Million Worth of PEPE Transferred Out

According to on-chain sleuth ZachXBT, the Pepe group moved 16 trillion PEPE ($15.6 million) from their multisig wallet to an Externally-owned address (EOA). The wallet then moved $6.5 million, $8.2 million, $434,000, and $389,000 worth of PEPE to Binance, OKX, Bybit, and another address, respectively. 

The preliminary transfer of $15.6 million raised issues about a carpet pull since the funds formed over half of the 6.9% vested tokens the group was implied to utilize to preserve liquidity in the environment. 

Furthermore, there was no previous statement from the group that such a choice would be made and the multisig wallet was entrusted 10.7 trillion PEPE ($10.5 million) following the relocation.

The carpet pull issues were additional heightened when another X (previously Twitter) user, responding to the transfer, pointed out that the Pepe multisig wallet approval limit had actually been altered to 2 signatures out of 8. 

A multisig wallet is typically thought about a more secure crypto storage alternative, specifically for companies, as one bad star cannot start a deal given that numerous signatures are required to confirm it. 

So, there were bound to be issues about the approval limit of the wallet being altered given that it might recommend that somebody on the group who had access to the account was attempting to carpet pull. 

Members of the neighborhood likewise questioned whether there was a group or if a single person ran the job, which was how the approval limit might have quickly been altered.

Token rate has a hard time in the middle of carpet pull reports | Source: PEPEUSDT on 

“Ex-team Members” Responsible

According to a tweet launched on August 25, Pepe’s authorities X (previously Twitter) account verified these deals and the modification in the multisig approval limit. 

The tweet mentioned that these activities were performed by “3 ex-team members” who logged into the multisig account, took the 16 trillion PEPE, and offered them on central exchanges.

In a subsequent tweet, the account verified that the 10.6 trillion tokens left in the multisig wallet had actually been moved to another wallet. According to the account, the control of the X (previously Twitter) account and the staying 10 trillion tokens are “safe and in control of someone who has the best interests for (sic) everybody and PEPE at hand.”

The Pepe neighborhood appears to have actually been assured by this declaration, as the token is presently up 3.22% in the last 24 hr, according to information from CoinMarketCap.

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