Jamie Dimon reacts to Jeffrey Epstein suit

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has actually affirmed that he never ever became aware of Jeffrey Epstein and his criminal activities versus teenage women and girls up until the investor was detained in 2019, according to a records of the videotaped deposition launched Wednesday.

Dimon stated he initially found out about it “when the story blew wide open. He was arrested, and all the stories came out about all the people he knows. And the reason I remember that is I was surprised that I didn’t know about it before.”

Asked by a legal representative if he’d ever heard the name Jeffrey Epstein prior to his arrest, Dimon reacted, “Not that I recall.”

Dimon made the discovery throughout a videotaped deposition tape-recorded recently in connection with suits submitted versus the country’s biggest bank.

The suits on behalf of Epstein victims and the U.S. Virgin Islands in Manhattan federal court look for to hold JPMorgan economically responsible for Epstein’s decadeslong abuse of teenage women and girls.

The bank, besides rejecting the accusations, has actually taken legal action against among its previous executives, stating the male concealed Epstein’s criminal activities to keep Epstein as a customer.

Epstein was 66 when he obviously eliminated himself in a Manhattan federal prison cell where he was waiting for a federal sex trafficking trial after his application for bail was rejected. He had actually pleaded innocent to charges that he sexually abused lots of women, some as young as 14.

According to the suits submitted late in 2015, JPMorgan offered Epstein with big quantities of money from 1998 through August 2013 although it understood about his sex trafficking practices.

The 416-page deposition, parts of which were greatly redacted with whole pages blacked out, was launched openly through an arrangement amongst legal representatives in the events.

Confronted at the deposition with an e-mail from Epstein’s previous assistant recommending that Dimon was set up to consult with Epstein as far back as 2010, the president and chairman of JPMorgan insisted it was false.

“I have never had an appointment with Jeff Epstein. I’ve never met Jeff Epstein. I never knew Jeff Epstein. I never went to Jeff Epstein’s house. I never had a meal with Jeff Epstein. I have no idea what they’re referring to here,” he stated.

After the e-mail from Epstein’s assistant asking whether “heavy snacks” or supper must be gotten ready for the conference, Epstein reacted “snacks.”

As Dimon reacted to being faced with the e-mail, a legal representative kept in mind that Epstein did not react by stating, “you’re misinformed, Jamie Dimon is not coming.”

Dimon stated, “I don’t know what he thought at the time. He was obviously misinformed. I never — this never took place.”

“I don’t think Jeff Epstein ever arranged for me to meet with anybody, to my knowledge,” he stated.

Epstein had a close relationship with Jes Staley, who ran several parts of JPMorgan, including its financial investment bank and wealth management arm, up until Staley left the bank in 2013. Staley went on to end up being CEO of the British bank Barclays, however needed to step down from that task when Epstein indictment was exposed.

JPMorgan is attempting to make Staley an accused in its Epstein legal cases, arguing that he minimized or concealed the problems with Epstein.

At one point in the deposition, Dimon concurred that Epstein was a “disaster” and “terrible” for the bank.

Throughout the deposition, Dimon firmly insisted that whether to keep Epstein as a customer would have eventually been left approximately the business’s basic counsel.

Dimon was asked, “If you had known in 2010 that Jeffrey Epstein was a sex trafficker, that Jeffrey Epstein was a client of the bank, that Jeffrey Epstein was withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars of cash every month, would you, as the chief executive officer of the bank, said, ‘We need to get rid of this guy,’ regardless of whether the general counsel told you that that was the right thing to do?”

“I think everyone involved, had they known then what is known today, including me, would have taken that position,” he responded to.


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