Just 1.3 million Bitcoin left flowing on crypto exchanges By Cointelegraph

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In pleased tidings for an orange Christmas, (BTC) supply is drying up to lows not seen for many years. In a current tweet by CryptoRank, simply 6.3% of the overall Bitcoin supply, or 1.3 million BTC, is held on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The reducing supply is absolutely nothing brand-new, trending down given that the Bitcoin cutting in half in 2020 when the BTC block benefit was cut in 2. BTC schedule on exchanges did the same, gradually trending down over the previous year. Exchange wallets accounted for 9.5% of the BTC supply in October 2020, right before the 2020 Christmas all-time highs, and 7.3% in July this year. The 6.3% December figure is the most affordable taped in 2021.