Last Week’s $72 Kroger Shopping Trip (+ what we consumed)

I went to Kroger on Friday and got some lots! My overall was $72 for all the groceries revealed above.

Sugar was on sale for $1.27/bag with the digital discount coupon. Potatoes were on sale for $1.77/bag with the digital discount coupon. And nectarines and peaches were simply $0.97/pound once again.

The Simply Steam veggies are simply $0.99 each with the digital discount coupon. And I spent lavishly and got a roast that was discounted to $10!

I was delighted about these pizzas to stick in the freezer for simple week night suppers!

Have you ever seen or attempted these berries prior to?? Are they any great? I saw them at the shop (I don’t remember ever seeing them prior to!) and they appeared like strawberries that didn’t ripen!

I had actually gotten some tomato soup discounted a couple of months back, we had bread and great deals of cheese, so we did grilled cheese and tomato soup and it was a hit.

Some of you recommended making the Irish Soda Bread into French Toast. Since we had actually gotten all those eggs discounted, it was the ideal week to attempt that. It was tasty!

Silas made steaks for us one night. He likes to view cooking programs and made his own marinade. They were so tasty!

If you’ve been following for a long period of time, I wager you can think what we’re utilizing these active ingredients for for supper tonight! (Here’s a tip.)


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