Loving Someone Well — Even When We Disagree

Disagreements and distinctions in viewpoint frequently lead to stress and department in relationships. But does it need to be by doing this?

In today’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, I take a seat with Michele Cushatt, among the authors of the new and much-needed book Come Sit with Me, a book everything about how to enjoy well, in spite of distinctions and/or differences.

We taped this episode the week of the midterm elections and I felt it couldn’t be better suited. Michele speak about how to set about seeing distinctions as methods for interest instead of worry. She shares how it’s so simple to feel threatened by distinctions and after that let that trigger us to put our guard up rather of to lean in and listen and discover out of a location of love.

In this episode, she shares 4 secrets for having discussions when we disagree with somebody — and they may shock you! I specifically liked how she went into the value of understanding where our identity is and how that is fundamental for not being annoyed, mad, or injured when somebody disagrees with us.

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In This Episode

[01:08] – Delighting in our distinctions… what does that suggest? Let’s speak about it!

[03:26] – But initially, I have Michele present herself.

[09:10] – Feeling curious vs. sensation threatened.

[10:55] – What influenced Michele’s chapter in the book.

[15:25] – Why are kids curious? Why do we frequently lose this interest as we get older?

[16:54] – The function identity plays in our conversation about distinctions.

[18:35] – What does it appear like to put our identity in Jesus?

[20:01] – We require more than present occasions to put our hopes on.

[22:28] – Listening is a lost art that we require to discover once again.

[25:13] – Where does the requirement to be ideal originated from?

[25:55] – Michele talks about the value of compassion.

[27:37] – We can’t let our positions end up being more vital than individuals.


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