Mannix Marketing Welcomes Chris Archibee as Culture Ambassador

Mannix Marketing just recently selected Chris Archibee as Culture Ambassador, a brand-new function within the management group created to assist keep the business’s strong culture, more neighborhood outreach, and help the management group with ingenious procedures in assistance of business development.

Sara Mannix, Founder and CEO of Mannix Marketing, specified, “Chris was a natural choice for the Culture Ambassador position at Mannix, as he embodies our core values. He is someone that everyone on the team respects and admires. As we move forward as a remote company, culture is something that we must be intentional about in order to ensure a work environment where everyone is included and celebrated and camaraderie and teamwork thrive. This role is pivotal to embrace equity and inclusion and promote employee well-being and community involvement and Chris has the vision to make this happen. I’m very grateful that he has joined the leadership team in this role.” 

In this brand-new position, Chris desires to assist each specific staff member stay linked and guarantee they are getting the most out of their experience at Mannix. He likewise wishes to be a resource to employee and supervisors as they advance towards objectives and offer the very best service they can to Mannix’s clients. 

Chris has an extraordinary grasp on the culture of Mannix Marketing due to his 21 years of service in the business. His commitment to serving the neighborhood and Mannix’s customers appears in a myriad of methods. One location he is delighted to assist the business grow in is variety. 

“I think it’s important to have viewpoints that are coming from various sources and various points of view. That means making sure that we have people of different races, creeds, and sexual orientation on our team.” Chris went on to discuss why he felt this was necessary, mentioning, “We never know who our clients are going to be. We have clients from all different walks of life who are marketing their products to people of all different backgrounds. It’s our job to do the best job we can for our clients, and in order to do so, we need to be speaking the language of their target market. We have to speak the language and walk the walk with a myriad of different subsets of people.”

Another location Chris eagerly anticipates concentrating on is upholding Mannix’s beliefs and worths within the neighborhoods the business serves, assisting that community-minded worth system grow and overflow into the neighborhood that surrounds it. 

When asked what he’s most eagerly anticipating in this brand-new position, Chris specified, “Relationships! I really miss the office. I’m looking forward to purposefully establishing strong relationships and having those sort of ‘water-cooler conversations’ in order to put forth better content and create better experiences for everyone on the team.”


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