Meet Marius Ciortan, Head of Engineering

Blockchain engineering to the rescue! Read our post to learn how blockchain engineers at Europe’s most ingenious fintech work towards a typical objective through the eyes of Marius Ciortan, Head of Engineering.

Could you inform us about your start at Bitpanda?

I began in November 2019, not long prior to the pandemic hit Europe, and gladly signed up with a group way smaller sized than it is today to participate in our development journey. At the time, Bitpanda had a group of 4 Engineers. Today I am dealing with 2 various groups of more than 20 individuals.

What does a blockchain engineer at Bitpanda generally do daily?

Each day is various at Bitpanda for Blockchain Engineers, however volatility around the marketplace and unpredicted occasions can make any day a lot more interesting and enjoyable than typical, that’s for sure.  So, let me stroll you through a routine day as a Blockchain Engineer:

  1. Grab a coffee/virtual coffee with your associates
  2. Read messages & capture up
  3. Read a number of news feeds to remain current with advancement in the blockchain market
  4. Look into the jobs for the day
  5. Join the everyday conference with your associates to share status/progress or to recognize any blockers
  6. Plan, schedule and begin coding

Common everyday jobs might consist of:

  • Working carefully with the Technical Product Owners and other associates to devote to jobs for the present sprint
  • Fixing prospective mistakes and bugs
  • Applying node updates
  • Monitoring our services

Why did you pick Bitpanda?

I saw this chance as a method to add to an interesting, busy business and market. Everything seemed like a match from the start, from individuals I fulfilled throughout the interview procedure, to the difficulties they provided me with prior to signing up with. All in all, I am very pleased that I chose to sign up with.

Where do you see blockchain engineering one year from now?

Thrilling days ahead! I am extremely pleased to be dealing with developing our Blockchain Research & Development Hub. I think one year from now, our Distributed Blockchain group will have lots of terrific members who wish to work towards Bitpanda’s objective of helping with blockchain innovation development.

Thank you

We’re on the lookout for those fast-moving, skilled, “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-it-happen” type of individuals who wish to construct Bitpanda with us. If you’re somebody who believes huge, moves quick and wishes to make an effect right from the first day, have a look at our present blockchain position and use now! We’d like to have you onboard for a fantastic journey ahead. Let’s go!

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