Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Visits El Salvador, Meets With Nayib Bukele

Emerging as one of the most significant bitcoin fans out there, Ricardo Salinas made the expedition to El Salvador. The billionaire took reporters Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on a personal airplane to the very first nation to embrace bitcoin as legal tender. There, he met President Bukele, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao, and Samson Mow to name a few. And, fortunately for us, Salinas recorded the entire thing through Twitter.

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What can we discover Mexico’s third-richest individual’s check out to El Salvador?

Ricardo Salinas Trapped With Max Keiser

In the report’s very first video we see Salinas joking in English while Keiser reveals him a copy of “The Book of Max.” Notice how a complete cam team passes them by. This journey was totally recorded.

Then, Keiser reports that throughout the flight Ricardo Salinas “outlined dozens of ways El Salvador’s new Bitcoin securities laws (working through the assembly now) can be used to make El Salvador a global financial hub and dramatically expand El Salvador’s GDP. His facility with business and finance is incredible.” These check outs of capital and concepts will eventually benefit Salvadorans.

To Max’s appreciation, the billionaire reacted, “I’m a natural businessman… always looking for inclusive prosperity and freedom.” But appreciation didn’t end there, the Presidency’s Communications Secretariat invited him stating. “Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas, Founder and President of Grupo Salinas, has arrived. He’s visiting El Salvador to learn about the possibilities offered by Bitcoin in a country where it is legal tender.”

To the Secretariat’s appreciation, the billionaire reacted, “thank you very much for the kind welcome. It’s a pleasure for me to visit your country and continue learning about Bitcoin’s use as legal tender.”

El Salvador’s Reception

When the celebration shows up, El Salvador’s Ambassador to the United States Milena Mayorga is waiting on them. She’s had rather a week, having actually gotten Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao too. 

Podcaster Stacy Herbert likewise published a professional-looking video of the celebration’s arrival. Max Keiser shares a couple of words of knowledge in the end:

President Bukele Meets Ricardo Salinas

The billionaire published images of the conference and reported. “Today, I was received at the presidential house by the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele. I brought him “El primer mapa de Mexico” and a balero and I got from him a Bitcoin in physical type.”

Then, the President himself supplied Twitter with another set of images. Ricardo Salinas went deep in the response, “I am sure that only with freedom we can evolve as a civilization and I am sure that Bitcoin is the currency of freedom.”

No word yet on what the conference had to do with.

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Ricardo Salinas Visits The Volcano Mine

Then, it’s Samson Mow time. The ex Blockstream shared a photo of them both inside a helicopter, ready to go to the bitcoin volcano mine. Ricardo Salinas likewise went deep in the reply, “We continue working in El Salvador, because if we don’t try to solve it, no one is going to come to get us out of where we are.”

Then, Salinas shared a bird’s-eye view of the entire geo plant. It’s rather the operation: 

Not to be left, Max Keiser shared a video of him and Samson Mow getting to the plant. 

The reporter seizes the day to applaud the volcano bonds. “These bonds are over subscribed as the world scrambles for Bitcoin now that the USD has lost its status as world reserve currency post Russia/ Ukraine conflict.”

Lunch With Changpeng Zhao

All of these billionaires going to El Salvador. Probably absolutely nothing. Binance’s CEO and Ricardo Salinas did satisfy and here’s photographic evidence:

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Of course, there was debate. A Salvadoran political leader called Anabel Belloso implicated the Government of spending for expensive suppers and personal flights. Ricardo Salinas reacted by highlighting his business’s logo design and the Mexican flag in his airplane. And shared a photo of a supper in which existed all of this post’s lead characters other than the President.

Which doesn’t indicate that the Government didn’t invest public funds throughout those check outs. However, getting 2 prospective billion-dollar financiers is great organization all over on the planet. Plus, it’s an excellent indication.

Featured Image: Ricardo Salinas, screenshot from this video | Charts by TradingView

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