Michael Saylor Doubles Down On Bitcoin As ‘King Commodity,’ Warns ‘Money Is Dying’

Bitcoin still commands regard and appeal in spite of the present dismal financial environment. Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy co-founder, has actually been especially singing in his assistance for the cryptocurrency, and in a current interview, he repeated his optimism for Bitcoin’s capacity as an option to financial instability. 

Saylor has actually been a popular supporter for Bitcoin because MicroStrategy revealed its $425 million financial investment in the cryptocurrency in 2020, and his views on the digital property are extremely concerned by financiers all over the world.

In an interview with monetary reporter David Lin, Michael Saylor highlighted the imperfections of standard currencies, mentioning that their worth goes through inflation and instability.

He stressed how “money is dying,” and discussed how Bitcoin offers a practical option to standard currencies that is unsusceptible to inflation and market changes. 

Shift Toward Crypto And Future Of Finance: Michael Saylor

Saylor has actually accentuated the growing crisis of self-confidence in currencies and banking systems throughout the world. In the interview, Saylor revealed his views on the decreasing rely on fiat currencies, which he thinks is driving a restored interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

According to Michael Saylor, the international financial landscape remains in chaos, and federal governments are having a hard time to preserve the stability of their currencies and banking systems. As an outcome, customers are losing self-confidence in standard fiat currencies and turning towards alternative kinds of cash. 

Is cash on its dying breath? Image: Exchange Capital Management

He stated:

“Therefore, money is dying, it’s obviously dying in Venezuela, and it’s obviously dying in Argentina, but it’s dying everywhere in the world, even in the United States and Western Europe.” 

This restored faith in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has actually ended up being a subject of interest amongst financiers and economists alike, as individuals look for steady and safe and secure options to standard banking systems.


BTCUSD gradually moving listed below the $26K area. Chart:

Michael Saylor Remains Confident In Bitcoin As ‘King Commodity’

Despite the current downturn in the cryptocurrency market, the co-founder of MicroStrategy stays positive about Bitcoin’s future. According to Saylor, Bitcoin’s digital and limited nature make it the “king commodity” in the digital world, making sure that it will eventually become the winner in the crypto race.

While the current information from CoinGecko reveals a 4.1% decrease in Bitcoin’s worth in simply 24 hr, with a 9.6% loss in the previous 7 days, Saylor thinks that this is simply a short-term obstacle.

In his view, Bitcoin’s intrinsic worth and distinct homes set it apart from other cryptocurrencies and standard fiat currencies, making it the supreme shop of worth in the digital age.

As the world ends up being progressively digital, the need for a protected and decentralized type of currency is growing, and Bitcoin is well-positioned to fulfill this requirement. Saylor’s unwavering self-confidence in Bitcoin’s long-lasting possible highlights the growing pattern towards digital currencies and the developing nature of financing.

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