Most Powerful Women in Banking: No. 5, HSBC’s Diane Reyes

Group General Manager and Global Head of Liquidity and Cash Management

The digital improvement Diane Reyes has actually been leading at HSBC for the previous couple of years might be referred to as life-saving.

Under her management, the worldwide banking giant included 4 more real-time payments plans in 2020, assisting federal governments and corporations that required to make fast payments for medical products throughout the pandemic.

Those 4 jobs brought its general total to 22 and added to an 81% boost in its real-time payment volume over the previous year.

Diane Reyes, HSBC’s highest-ranking lady in the U.S., is retiring at the end of the year.

The pandemic likewise caused a modification in Reyes’s management design. Previously, she would never ever share her feelings with associates. But regular check-ins Reyes arranged with her group throughout lockdown, and the individual stories her associates shared, have actually promoted much deeper connections. For circumstances, one had actually lost 3 relative to COVID-19; another was going blind.

“I realized that if we hadn’t held these check-ins, they may not have shared their situations and not received the appropriate support as a result,” Reyes stated.

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Still, when her sister-in-law contracted COVID, Reyes at first kept it to herself, coping conferences while getting updates from household. “After my sister-in-law sadly passed away, I was on a call and was asked, simply, how I was feeling. I got emotional as I gave my answer, as shortly after the call I was going to her funeral.”
Such sincerity would have mortified Reyes pre-COVID, however something had actually moved. “We’ve let colleagues into our lives. We see each other’s homes, pets, children, and it’s helped us build stronger, more human relationships with each other,” she stated.

The service Reyes has actually assisted construct at HSBC has actually gotten more powerful too. As head of worldwide liquidity and money management, she supervises an operation that has 9,000 staff members serving 40,000 big business and midmarket business and 1.5 million service banking customers in more than 50 markets. Five worldwide service centers process more than 6 billion payments each year, at a typical worth every second of more than $21 million.

Reyes has actually been honing digital abilities to support ongoing development while handling info security and cyber danger. In current years, her work has actually included including robotics procedure automation, blockchain, mobile innovation, application programs user interfaces and biometrics — all of which have actually ended up being particularly crucial given that the pandemic hit.

Last year an extra 16,000 customers utilized the suite of tools HSBC provides through its Liquidity Management Portal, and downloads of HSBCnet mobile services increased 146% year over year, with mobile payment volumes increasing 151%.

That is simply scratching the surface area on an excessive range of efforts, consisting of contributing in raising vital liquidity for HSBC itself, with a deposit project increasing typical balances 18% from 2019 to 2020; including virtual debit cards, multicurrency digital wallets and sustainable business cards that need to remove 73 lots of plastic waste each year; and placing HSBC at the leading edge of reserve banks’ expedition of digital currency, in part by actively engaging with the banks as they think about execution.

One of the numerous noteworthy successes was HSBC Global Wallet, released in May in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore. It addresses a discomfort point for organizations dealing with numerous providers in numerous markets by allowing payments in many currencies. With the benefit and higher exposure into capital that the item provides, the bank anticipates it to assist produce more earnings from existing consumers and bring in brand-new ones. Two weeks after launch, the wallet currently had numerous users.

As a group basic supervisor, Reyes is HSBC’s highest-ranking female executive based in the United States.

She represents HSBC on the board of the Private Export Funding Corp. and has actually gone to the World Economic Forum in Davos, speaking there in 2020 about the function that brand-new innovation like software application robotics will play in the future of payments.

Reyes, who operated at Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase prior to signing up with HSBC in 2011, has actually been a pillar in the Most Powerful Women rankings, however this will be her in 2015. She revealed in July that she prepares to retire by the end of the year.


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