My Completely Honest IPSY Review

IPSY is a regular monthly appeal membership bag that, according to their site, “delivers a set of personalized beauty products straight to your door, making it easier to discover your new go-tos, feed your passion for beauty, and try your favorite brands at an incredible value.”

I attempted IPSY out and here are a few of my ideas on it:

How Does It Work?

To get going with IPSY, you head to their site and submit a Beauty Quiz. This test reviews your complexion, eye color, and hair color. It likewise asks you about your self-confidence level with makeup, where you store, and what sort of makeup you enjoy, use, and usage.

One of the important things I didn’t like about the test was that they don’t have an alternative to state that you don’t use a particular sort of makeup. For circumstances, I don’t use eye shadow or eye liner — ever. I’d enjoy to have the capability to put this on the test and after that have them get rid of that from ever getting sent out to me. But, regrettably, that is not a test response they use.

After you take the test, you then register for which IPSY appeal bag you wish to get monthly and await an e-mail informing you that your very first bag is prepared to sneak peek. If you pick the Glam Bag (which is the just one I advise — see listed below), you’ll get to pick one product in your bag. Everything else is selected for you.

What is a Glam Bag?

The Glam Bag is IPSY’s flagship item. It is $13 and includes 5 customized, deluxe-sized appeal samples sent out in an adorable makeup bag monthly. The worth of the contents is around $50. Each month, you get to pick one item for your bag from a couple of various choices.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Glam Bag is $13 for 5 big samples. (They call them luxurious samples, however some are close to full-sized and some suffice for 5-10 usages.)

IPSY likewise has actually 2 updated choices — Glam Bag Plus for $28 month that offers you 5 full-sized appeal items or Glam Bag X which is $55/quarter and offers you 7 to 8 full-sized items every quarter.

Is it Worth the Cost?

That relies on your character and your makeup usage. If you are extremely minimalistic in your makeup usage, I can inform you that it won’t be for you. It’s likewise not for you if you have delicate skin.

If you enjoy attempting brand-new items and you are the sort of individual to choose great deals of various makeup choices to select from, then it absolutely might be worth the expense — particularly to get to check out greater quality items at a huge discount rate.

That stated, I spoke with many individuals that they discovered that getting a Glam Bag each month was a lot and they couldn’t utilize the items quickly enough. However, some individuals informed me they shared them with buddies and even offered their bonus as presents or equipping stuffers.

Another thing to bear in mind is that I’ve spoken with many individuals that they typically sent out comparable items (individuals discussed great deals of mascara) and they would in some cases send out the exact same item in more than one bag over a year’s time. It appears that their claim of it being the “most personalized beauty bag on the market” didn’t always hold up for some individuals. Or, a minimum of they seemed like what they were sent out wasn’t in line with the Beauty Quiz they had actually submitted.

Are There Any Discount Codes?

If you wish to check out IPSY today, they are providing an unusual deal. You can get a COMPLIMENTARY month of Refreshments — IPSY’s brand-new individual care bag — when you register for IPSY. This is an $18 worth giveaway!

Have you tried IPSY? I’d enjoy to hear your ideas on it — what you liked, what you didn’t like, and whether you believed it deserved the cash or not.


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