My Debt Free Journey (Part 1)

This is my financial obligation totally free story. I hold absolutely nothing back.

If you owe money, you are not alone.  There are countless individuals throughout the nation in your exact same shoes, however that is not who I am describing.  I am speaking about myself.  Me.  I’ve existed. I understand what you feel.

Part of any modification to your life is to get motivation and assistance from others.  The fact is that I made a great deal of errors throughout the years.  These have actually formed me into the lady I am today.  These are errors I never ever wish to see others make.

I am sharing my own story with you listed below.  My hope is that you can gain from what I’ve done.  I would like to be the factor you are motivated to alter your own monetary scenario.  It will indicate a great deal of effort, however it will deserve it. I assure you.



Back in 2001, I was living my life as a twenty-something single lady.  I remained in a relationship with somebody who I believed was “the one.”  This was the time when I was just enjoying my life.  I purchased what I desired.  A spending plan??  Pfffttt….that did not even exist.

I constantly robbed Peter to pay Paul and lived income to income.  While I was making a good wage, I still had a hard time.  It was due to the fact that I did not handle my own financial resources.  My costs ran out control.

Credit cards were utilized to spend for almost whatever.  I utilized them to spend for my gas, my groceries and my clothing. Heck – there were even months when I utilized them to pay other charge card expenses!



In December 2001, my relationship concerned a shrieking stop.  I was now accountable for myself.  There was nobody else to assist me cover my costs.

I put a pencil to the paper and crunched the numbers, and constructed my spending plan. In that minute, I understood simply how economically unsteady I was.  I was surprised (and extremely unfortunate) at what I had actually done to myself.  I might not think I had actually collected such a big quantity of financial obligation.  And, when I browsed, I had definitely nothing to reveal for it.

It was an eye-opener.  I understood that something needed to alter, however being young and a bit ignorant, I did what I believed was the only response.  Filed for insolvency.



In August 2002, I strolled into the courtroom and stated insolvency.  It was among the most affordable minutes of my life.  However, at the exact same time, it was life-altering.  At that minute, I swore never ever to enable myself to enter into that scenario once again – no matter what captain hook life may toss my method.

With that, I left the insolvency and my life behind me and transferred to Kansas City.  It was time for me to take total control of my life and guarantee that it was headed in the instructions that I desired.

…..continue onto Part 2 of my journey.


A news media journalist always on the go, I've been published in major publications including VICE, The Atlantic, and TIME.

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