My Personal Debt Free Story (Part 3)

I’ve been sharing my individual financial obligation totally free journey.  You can check out both Part 1 and Part 2 to get captured up and after that return here and capture up on the last of the series.

I ended sharing that my other half and I started checking out Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  We were both so enthralled with the concept of removing our financial obligation that we check out every book and enjoyed all of the films in a matter of days.  At that time, we had almost $37,000 in financial obligation which included autos and a house equity loan.

As we started our journey I recognized that we had actually made a big error.  I had actually pledged to never ever enable myself to enter the exact same monetary circumstance I had actually remained in years prior to.  However, I “thought” that automobile financial obligation and a house equity loan was “OK” financial obligation to have.  It isn’t.  The best kind of financial obligation is no financial obligation at all.

Thus started the modifications to our lifestyle.  I did all all of the exact same actions that all of you have actually done.  Yes – right to cutting up those charge card and utilizing just money for whatever.  It was difficult!  I wasn’t sure how we were going to do it.  The numbers simply didn’t appear to build up.  However, as we worked and fine-tuned our budget plan, we recognized that we actually might do it.  Sure, it would imply effort – however obviously absolutely nothing worth having is ever simple.

We lowered our grocery budget plan and after that utilized money to pay for financial obligation.  Part of our doing so was to discover a method to conserve more cash at the shop.  Through my research studies and effort, I found out how to actually save money on our shopping adventures.  I shared this details with some online good friends.  My friend motivated me to begin a blog site.  I never ever dreamed it would be what it is today. I am really blessed.

As I shared my offers, we continued to pay for our financial obligation.  We offered products.  We didn’t eat in restaurants.  Finally – in February 2010 – we made our last financial obligation payment!  It was liberating.  I can’t explain the sensation.  This time around I did it properly.  I didn’t simply range from my financial obligation.  I faced it head on – with my other half.  We paid all of it down.  It took us 27 months, however we did it.

I take pride in many achievements in my life (my other half, my kids and my website), however I am likewise really happy that I had the ability to really settle that much financial obligation.   When I state that this was life altering – it really was.  Not just did we settle our financial obligation (aside from our home loan), we altered our lifestyle.

To this day, we still utilize the exact same budget plan type.  We check and upgrade it frequently.  We still utilize money — and utilize our envelopes. If you ever capture me patronizing the shop, you will see that is how I pay.   We still have no financial obligation – and do not intend on heading down that course once again.  We have actually totally moneyed our emergency situation fund.  We have actually had the ability to do things that we wish to.  When you do not have financial obligation,  your cash is all yours.

I share my story with all of you so that you all understand that it is possible to do this.   I desire you to understand that I comprehend where you are at – more than the majority of you most likely ever recognized.  If you wish to alter your life, you can do it.   But just you can decide to alter your life – for the much better.


A news media journalist always on the go, I've been published in major publications including VICE, The Atlantic, and TIME.

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