Nate Diaz ‘Bullshits’ UFC Marketing Stunt Capitalizing On His NFT

Negativity offers.

Nate Diaz, welterweight champ, has actually shown this as he went viral right after he blasted UFC for marketing his and his bro Nick’s NFT on Twitter.

People have actually reacted with dazed interest and enjoyment about 4/20.

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UFC Promoting 4/20 NFTs

Many sports brand name giants like UFC have actually just recently delved into the most popular mania of NFTs or offering renowned sports highlights or minutes to fans. In January of this year, UFC released Strike, in cooperation with Dapper Labs.

UFC is presently promoting a brand-new Strike pack including popular UFC battling champs Nate and Nick Diaz. So, this may have an influence result when UFC tweets about the welterweight bros’ NFTs.

The bros have a legion of faithful fans that can’t wait to get their hands on the NFTs on 4/20, a symbolic number in the cannabis culture.

Nate Diaz is still with UFC and has one battle left however he has actually been dissatisfied with not having his terms satisfied.

He didn’t mince words about his beliefs on UFC and even published a tweet asking for his release by the end of March.

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Nate Diaz Hates Them

The Diaz bros are well-acquainted with the cannabis culture in their profession. Nick has actually been suspended for 5 years after he checked favorable sometimes for cannabis. 

Apparently, it was not the UFC that suspended Nick Diaz. It was the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Nate stated that he was fined for promoting and utilizing his vape pen. However, the truth is, he wasn’t truly suspended or fined by UFC or anybody for that matter. It was the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency who examined the matter and provided Diaz a caution.

Nate may have been describing the charge troubled Nick, his older bro. Nick was rejected a cornerman license since of a failure to pay a fine to the commission.

He still owes $75,000 from his suspension due to cannabis usage. The UFC did not sanction him and rather have actually made a mutually-befitting payment plan.

Nate Diaz simply desires out of the UFC. (Image credit: Bloody Elbow)

Negative Advertising Sells

His promoter might have a substantial fire to put out and believe things are getting too nasty with Nate scolding UFC on social networks. However, the unfavorable tweet may work to their advantage after all – even UFC rakes the revenue.

Nate Diaz’ tweet (with heavy curs right there) stating “I hope nobody buys this bullshit” may in fact not take his guidance and sustain his fandom’s interest to get their NFTs.

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