Need More Leads? Maybe a Whole New Website Is Not the Solution

Ah September. Back to school. Time to get arranged. Your company site requires revitalizing and your digital marketing budget plan is allocated for it.

So you’ve concerned us here at Kooba – the site professionals – to commission us to develop a wonderful site. But what if we informed you; you don’t require one? Well, not a brand name brand-new one anyhow. Is your mind blown yet? Let us discuss…

The Overhaul Myth

Needs are various from customer to customer, however if you are searching for a return on your financial investment, in some cases this manifests in various methods. And although you desire your site to be more efficient, frequently an overhaul isn’t the magic tablet you believe it may be. Sometimes it’s a lot easier than that.

As a bespoke digital firm, every short that pertains to us is examined and our services are customized to your person and distinct requirements. We then discover the very best digital possession to accomplish your wanted result. Sometimes that’s a landing page. Sometimes it’s a video. Sometimes it remains in truth a completely incorporated site (bear with us!).

The point is various customer issues, and various digital services. When you pertain to us with your company objectives, we will provide you the (in some cases unexpected) actions to reach that objectives. Which might or might not be a site.

The Reality

If your objective is to accomplish more leads, often it’s one lead that can make all of the distinction. By buying producing a funnel that makes the user experience simple, initial, and attempt we state, pleasurable, your ROI is totally worth this improvement.

It’s as basic as making tweaks to update and enhance your online existence – development not excellence. So what are the manner ins which we can make your site not simply look excellent however really work at producing income (however likewise look excellent)? You desire incremental enhancements to your network of digital properties. Like video for instance.
Over the last ten years, interaction has actually basically altered. Through social media networks like Instagram and Tiktok, if you have something to state, you state it in 30 seconds (perhaps even 15) through moving images.

Now more than ever it’s program don’t inform. There is no bound to the pressing cravings folks nowadays have for seeing material. But if you’re not encouraged by the binge watch culture currently, a stat may do it – embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.* So ensure to ABC: Always Be Creating (material). We’ll deal with the embedding part.

Moving on from pricing estimate stats, possibly your goals aren’t conversion based. Maybe it’s awareness or excellent old made factor to consider you’re after. Rather than producing a legendary multi-page website, a landing page can perfectly interact a condensed message while leaving space for a pithy call to action. Boom. Needs satisfied.

What if we informed you that possibly your properties don’t even belong on your site? The strength of a faithful newsletter shouldn’t be ignored. But to grow and support that following, you require to be producing worth continuously. Remember the “C” word? Content is king.

A routine newsletter may be able to plug the media space. Or it might be a blog site. They’re still cool, best? Of course, they are, you’re reading one today. These resources aid with your online search engine optimisation; they’re chances to display your work, and most notably, they develop brand name. True, they can be lengthy. But that’s what we’re here for.

Lastly, you may see the benefit in enhancing and charging the method your site presently works. And you would be a good idea to. Making sure that your site loads in less than 3 seconds can be the distinction in between a lead and a leave. Site speed is a frequently ignored crucial quality. Or possibly your user journey can be optimised by our UX group.

Your audience requires to discover the wanted info in 2-3 clicks. We’re a restless lot. So let’s ensure we are accommodating the masses.

Accessibility is likewise something to think about. Everyone need to have the ability to communicate with your site. If they can’t, we have an issue. Accessibility in website design is ending up being a significantly crucial requirement and impacts everybody with a digital existence…so every organisation.

Wrapping Up

Luckily at Kooba, this is something we take seriously. We can assist you take the actions to reach availability conformance. So generally now that you understand a few of the services up our sleeve, we’d enjoy to understand what issues we can assist you with.

Our group is prepared to examine the inner functions of your present website and provide you the responses that you require. Let us take the reins and include worth to your online properties.


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