New Report Dives Into The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Friend.Tech is among the most popular things to take place in the crypto market in the previous 2 months. In the reasonably brief time of its presence, the decentralized social networks app has actually been through ups and downs. From balancing trading costs equaling leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Tron, to being identified dead simply a couple of weeks after launch, to making an incredible return to a brand-new all-time high in regards to Total Value Locked (TVL), it has actually absolutely been an eventful duration for

A just recently launched report by AMLBot, a platform that assists users examine crypto wallets for illegal funds, has actually dived into the ins and outs of to check out whether the decentralized social networks app is a financial investment chance to think about.

The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Friend.Tech

Built on Coinbase’s Base scaling network for Ethereum,’s social networks app enables users to trade tokenized shares of other users’ profiles utilizing ETH. According to AMLBot’s report, business design deserves thinking about for financial investment. The app charges a 10% cost each time a user purchases “keys” (formerly referred to as shares) of another user, with 5% going to the account whose shares were purchased. At the time of composing, has actually created over $240.3 million in trading costs.’s user base is extremely varied, as shown by the different degrees of wins and losses. AMLBot has actually revealed that the typical roi for users is 127.44% and $405.5 in United States dollars, with the leading users making as much as $254,000. However, some users have actually likewise lost around $6.3 million, revealing the possible drawback.

What’s Next For

Profitability on typically depends upon how users can bank on profile shares that can possibly make a profit. Data has actually revealed that the platform has really made a profit for most of its user base. A a great deal of wallets (27,800) have actually made in between $0-$100 on, and 684 wallets are on the greater end of $10,000 to $100,000 in revenues. On the other hand, 9 wallets have actually lost more than $100,000. 

1695466838 276 New Report Dives Into The Good The Bad And The’s development has actually gone beyond other decentralized social networks platforms, and its present success demonstrates how rapidly a crypto item can permeate the marketplace when there’s a strong market fit. The decentralized social networks app has actually shown its capacity for gains, however this eventually comes down to each user’s financial investment choice. Other experts have actually revealed suspicion relating to  its early success, with some comparing the platform to a Ponzi plan.


Total crypto market cap at $1.03 trillion on the weekly chart:

At the time of composing, has actually handled to do well in regards to user base with 233k users. According to among the core designers behind DeFiLlama, a hack into would be more terrible than the Balancer hack, as users can lose funds by opening the app.

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