Next Earth releases a charity video game in partnership with SEE Turtles: Users can win $200,000 worth of NXTT and special NFTs while cleaning up the ocean

Next Earth has as soon as again dreamed huge and acted. Tapping into the capacity of the metaverse, they are introducing a project to deal with ecological concerns

A brand-new measurement for business social obligation

Next Earth, among the biggest metaverses with a strong concentrate on sustainability, is thrilled to reveal its very first social obligation project in a partnership with SEE Turtles.

Leading the method amongst metaverses: Next Earth is introducing its “Clean the ocean” project on 19 May 14.00 pm CET which will be active till 2 June 14.00 pm CET. From the earnings of the video game, Next Earth will support SEE Turtles to execute plastic waste gathering tasks. This unique video game is going to occur on 7 areas of the Next Earth metaverse, precisely where the partner company will execute plastic tasks in the real life. Thanks to a gamification function, users will seem like they are actually doing something about it while even having a possibility to win $200,000 worth of NXTT and 5 special NFTs by TinyWasteland.

The charity video game

Our seas and oceans are overruning with plastic which is suffocating sea animals. Unless something modifications quickly, numerous marine types might vanish totally. The aid may appear to get here from an unforeseen location, however Next Earth is devoted to conserving our world with the aid of a metaverse. As part of this objective, they are introducing their very first CSR project.

  • Their more than 240,000 users can add to a great cause in the real life by doing something about it in the metaverse. They are welcomed to acquire lands in any of the 7 locations associated with the project to take part in the video game.
  • In a witch hunt mode, users require to eliminate garbage from their bought tiles. SEE Turtles is going to do the exact same in the real life: eliminating plastic waste on beaches and coasts.

But the video game doesn’t stop there. Next Earth never ever lets us down when it concerns surprises; so besides supporting a great cause, they’ve likewise prepared some benefits for their users:

  • They’ve put $200,000 worth of NXTT in various worths and 5 special NFTs made by TinyWasteland under numerous tiles. This indicates that individuals will not just be adding to a great cause, however likewise have a possibility to win benefits.

20% of the profits done within the project will visit Turtles to execute plastic tasks and eliminate plastic garbage on beaches and coasts. It indicates that the more land users are purchasing the more possibility they need to win and the more assistance they can supply to the partner company.

Bridge in between the virtual and the real life

Next Earth has actually been concentrated on sustainability from the very start, with ecological awareness developed into its core operations. Their “Clean the ocean” project is taking them to the next level in their dedication to make an effect in the real life with the aid of a metaverse.

Noemi Magyar, Head of CSR at Next Earth, states the connection can be comprehended by considering this effort as a bridge in between the real life and the metaverse:

“With this campaign, Next Earth is building a bridge between the virtual and the real world, where the bridge happens to be social responsibility. We are adding an extra to this whole experience with a gamification feature. Though our community members are physically far from the locations where our partner organization, SEE Turtles, will carry out their plastic projects, users can actively participate in the mission of getting rid of plastic waste. It’s innovative, exciting and valuable.”

Raising awareness of ecological concerns is one essential thing, however welcoming users to act together is another level of social obligation. Next Earth has actually been thinking about sustainability as a core worth from the extremely starting which has actually led to $1 million being contributed to ecological causes in just a few months.

Commenting on the worths of Next Earth, Noemi Magyar stated:

“At Next Earth, we believe that business and philanthropy can and should go hand in hand. Together with our community we are dedicated to making the world a better place. We believe that real change can only be achieved when people come together and take action. At Next Earth we want to make a real impact and we are grateful to our community for joining us in this mission.”

Next Earth hopes that their social obligation project will work as a motivation to acknowledge the numerous methods which a metaverse can make a distinction.

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