NFT and Cryptocurrency Usage in Digital Marketing With Successful Case Studies

NFT and cryptocurrency is not brand-new for the folks in the digital marketing market. In the last couple of years, all of us have actually become aware of the brand names significantly utilizing NFTs and cryptocurrencies in their marketing techniques.

It is not unexpected due to the fact that, according to a report, the deal volume of the international NFT market reached $44.2 billion in 2021, and it keeps growing.

But, we require to pick up a minute, take a deep breath and think of how these digital tokens and digital marketing are adjoined.

We can start with fundamental meanings to have an outright understanding.

Now, What Is Cryptocurrency?

It is a digital currency saved in a digital wallet and is functional and fungible like any other currency. In addition, cryptocurrencies are not special, so you can trade or exchange them.

On the other hand, NFT is a totally various case.  

NFTs are non-fungible digital possessions. One NFT has not a similar copy; every one is special. They can be any imaginative work, such as virtual realty, digital art work, style, and so on. It unlocks to the imagination of material developers and artists, so NFTs are endless.

The NFTs and cryptocurrencies are based upon blockchain, so they are decentralized, independent of authorities and standard banks.

Well, however why are these tokens important for digital marketing?

1. They construct brand name awareness by producing interest in your brand name and increasing its exposure. Using NFTs as your marketing technique broadens your brand name’s audience reach and allows you to access your target consumers. Social media is the best channel to promote the tokens of your brand name.

2. NFTs and cryptocurrencies enhance client commitment. Personalization enables brand names to develop more intimate and extreme relations with their consumers. Ownership of an NFT improves the client’s dedication to your brand name due to the fact that it makes it possible for a direct and better relationship in between you.

3. They motivate client interaction and neighborhood structure. Your brand name can raise the interaction by sustaining user-generated material. Besides, listening to recommendations from your neighborhood assists your brand name combine your neighborhood and provides opportunities to develop a marketing technique suitable with your target.

4. They supply your brand name unlimited flexibility in content development considering that NFTs can be endless digital art pieces like a JPEG, a GIF, a 3D animation, an audio record, and so on. NFT marketing allows your brand name to utilize all the benefits of virtual items.

Resounded Case Studies in Digital Marketing

NFT marketing offers lots of benefits to the brand names, and these chances are broadening every minute. The brand names can get countless dollars by not simply offering NFTs however likewise by raising their exposure and appeal through these tokens. 

Therefore, they utilize these benefits in different methods. Here are some effective examples of the brand names that utilize NFTs and cryptocurrencies in digital marketing:

Case 1: Taco Bell

This case is a substantial and popular example of NFT use in digital marketing. And the brand name ended up being the very first fast-food chain that captured NFT patterns and NFT marketing.

Source: Taco Bell

They offered all their 25 NFT GIFs within thirty minutes at various rates. People provided countless dollars for each GIF.

They developed and offered NFTs to excite attention in social networks and traditional media, and it succeeded due to the fact that it triggered a substantial splash.

Taco Bell victoriously raised brand name awareness through this sale.

Case 2: Kings of Leon

The American rock band Kings of Leon was the very first who use NFT marketing in the music market. In March 2021, they developed the very first NFT album in music history.

They launched their album, “When You See Yourself,” in the type of an NFT.

The band set their album to sale in 3 various variations. Each variation has a distinguishing characteristic in regards to material. It was an unmissable opportunity for the band fans who wished to have digital antiques of the brand name.

They handled $2 million in album sales however more significantly, this was a terrific transfer to draw their fans’ extreme attention and motivate audience commitment.

Case 3: Marriott

Marriott is a hotel chain with homes in different places worldwide. They exhibited the best application of NFTs and cryptocurrency digital marketing.  

They intended to raise brand name awareness and indicate their Marriott Bonvoy Travel Program.

The brand name worked together with 3 artists to develop NFT material based upon their special travel experiences around the travel program. These NFTs consisted of the experiences that the program provides to consumers.

Marriott showed the NFTs at a contemporary art program. The program’s winners got their NFTs and made 200,000 Bonvoy points they might utilize throughout the travel program.

Case 4: Top Shot of NBA

NBA Top Shots is among the most effective examples of NFT marketing.

That was such a prominent project that the platform users raised from 4,000 to 400,000 in simply a couple of weeks.


NBA Top Shots is a digital trading platform. It makes it possible for consumers to own, offer, and trade main digital collectible NFTs of the NBA’s a lot of amazing plays and gamers.

There are brief clips that are highlights from significant plays in NBA history. Each among these clips is a Moment. Customers can purchase and offer these Moments, and every Moment has a specific function.

Many Moments were traded on the platform, and the sales have actually been growing.

Case 5: Pizza Hut

In 2021, Pizza Hut Canada arranged a digital marketing project to provide its 4 brand-new pizza tastes.

Their NFT marketing project was “1 Byte Favorites,” and it was the very first non-fungible pizza. Pizza Hut launched an NFT pizza piece with among the brand-new tastes weekly. People purchased the pieces to “have a taste that will last forever.”

Source: Twitter

The project targeted brand name awareness and client commitment; the cash took the rear seat.

So each bite of pizza NFT cost $0.18, an extremely low cost. However, on the other hand, once it was bought, it was rapidly re-listed for 5 ETH (about $9,000).

Now, it is greater than that time. One piece is cost 75 ETH (around $200,000). This project is an effective example of utilizing cryptocurrency and NFTs in the digital marketing market.

Case 6: Australian Open

This year, the Australian Open provided space to Metaverse and NFTs, enabling fans to trace the minute in real-time. It was a sensible digital marketing technique to consist of advocates to the video game.


6776 areas of the tennis court were become NFTs, and each was special. For example, if the match-winning shot from any matches arrive on a specific plot, all the info in the audience’s NFT is upgraded according to real-time minutes.

If among the champions points arrive on a plot, the NFT owner of that plot has the opportunity to claim and get the champion point’s tennis ball.

Australian Open Art Ball was the very first NFT of the competition and was developed to supply extraordinary virtual access to live match information and the minute.

Moreover, AO Art Balls welcomed 160 NFTs developed by regional and global artists developed particularly for the 2022 competition.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies have actually been playing a substantial function in digital marketing.

As the examples expose, specifically NFTs develop a deep bond and raise interaction with the consumers. Moreover, the business reach a growing number of audiences by developing memorable and individualized experiences for them.

Every day, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are ending up being a growing number of considerable. Arousing your brand name awareness, client commitment, and developing more unbounded material are the main benefits of capturing these technological developments.


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