NFTs Go Cross Chain: After DeGods, Another Blue Chip NFT Project Moves Chains

The turf is constantly greener, it appears. NFT jobs on non-Ethereum chains desire see levels of liquidity accomplished by leading Ethereum-based jobs, while Ethereum-based NFT collections see the ‘bigger fish in a smaller pond’ chance with leaner non-Ethereum chains. There are plenty more prospective inspirations for jobs to cross chains – or grow beyond simply one chain – and for the very first time in current months, this is action that we’re lastly seeing come to life.

We saw a prime example of this in the last hours of 2022 when signature Solana-based jobs DeGods and y00ts revealed their relocation from Solana to Polygon.

Another case research study remains in the making today, this time with a once high-flying Ethereum-based ‘blue chip,’ Doodles.

NFTs: To Ethereum, And Beyond

There’s been high ceilings and low floorings in Doodles long – yet quick – history. However, the job still reveals ongoing financial investment – rather actually as current as September, when Doodles raised over $50M in a VC fundraising round led by Reddit co-founder and Doodle holder Alexis Ohanian and his financial investment company Seven Seven Six.

At the time, lots of neighborhood members in the NFT area believed this was extravagant and flat out absurd, however it hasn’t tempered Doodles’ efforts to continue growing an IP powerhouse.

The most current news today comes directly from the horse’s mouth. An statement from the Doodles group on Wednesday shed more light around the upcoming ‘Doodles 2’ release, the follow-up collection to Doodles. In that statement, the Doodles group shared that they would be introducing the job’s most current model on Flow, instead of Ethereum – and sharing a belief of a “future of strong cross-interoperability” in doing so.

Flow blockchain (CIRCULATION) protected a significant win today with it's brand-new assistance of upcoming 'Doodles 2.' | Source: FLOW-USD on

A Cross-Chain Future

It’s tough to imagine precisely how a cross-chain interoperability with NFTs in fact comes to life in such a way that is simple and free-flowing. The truth is that we’re most likely a year or more far from even being close. However, congratulations is because of jobs ready to take threats and launch in brand-new and special methods – and lots of significant neighborhood members in both NFTs particularly, and crypto at big, have actually been supporters for more cross-chain pollination.

The Flow blockchain is certainly a fascinating option for the Doodles group, too; Flow has actually been a pillar for sports NFTs, with the managing group at Dapper Labs protecting partners like the NBA, UFC, and La Liga. However, Flow hasn’t been a leading option for conventional NFT collections generally – regardless of bring comparable market benefits to chains like Polygon or Solana, Flow’s organization advancement focus hasn’t generally been concentrated on community-driven collections. Doodles, nevertheless, is plainly a task that Flow will invite with open arms as the chain seeks to diversify it’s lineup of leading jobs.

The ever-present and unquestionably complex concern is constantly, what is completion video game for NFTs? The response is likely some multi-media, digital-first tradition IP emblematic of Disney franchises, Pokemon, and so on. However, constructing brand name commitment in the area is challenging, and couple of will endure the long video game. We’ll see how it cleans for Doodles and co.

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