OCC report: Mortgage efficiency enhances in 2nd quarter

The efficiency of first-lien home mortgages in the federal banking system enhanced throughout the 2nd quarter of 2022, according to an OCC report provided today.

The OCC Mortgage Metrics Report revealed that 97% of home mortgages were present and carrying out at the end of the quarter, compared to 95% a year previously. The portion of seriously overdue home mortgages—home mortgages that are 60 or more days unpaid and all home mortgages held by insolvent customers whose payments are 30 or more days unpaid—was 1.5% in Q2, compared to 1.8% in the previous quarter and 3.8% a year earlier.

Servicers started 11,015 brand-new foreclosures in Q2, a decline from the previous quarter and a year previously, however was equivalent to pre-COVID-19 pandemic foreclosure volumes. Servicers finished 28,109 adjustments, a decline of 33.7% from the previous quarter. Of the adjustments, 78.2% minimized customers’ month-to-month payments and 95.6% were adjustments that consisted of numerous actions impacting the cost and sustainability of the loan, such as a rate of interest decrease and a term extension.

The first-lien home mortgages consisted of in the OCC’s quarterly report consist of 22% of all property home mortgage financial obligation exceptional in the United States or roughly 12.2 million loans amounting to $2.7 trillion in primary balances.


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