Octalysis Framework: The Power Behind Gamification

Gamification is an effective principle that turns common activities into interesting and pleasurable experiences by obtaining aspects from video games.

It’s everything about including enjoyable and inspiration to jobs that may otherwise appear common. By incorporating game-like functions such as points, benefits, and competitors into non-game settings like work, discovering, or client interactions, gamification develops interest and involvement. In this post, gamification and its relationship with Octalysis analysis will be analyzed and these reality practices will be attempted to be acquired through specific case research studies.

What is the Octalysis Framework?

The Octalysis Framework, established by Yu-kai Chou, is a gamification principle that makes use of 8 essential inspirations, referred to as Core Drives, to form habits and motivate engagement in numerous activities. These Core Drives are:

  1. Epic Meaning & Calling: This drive influences people to think they belong to something higher than themselves, encouraging actions that add to a bigger function or cause. It drives generous acts and the belief in “beginner’s luck.” 
  2. Development & Accomplishment: People are driven by the desire to make development, establish abilities, and accomplish proficiency. Challenges and accomplishments offer significance and inspiration. 
  3. Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback: This drive has to do with providing individuals the liberty to reveal themselves and create originalities. It can be achieved by providing users access to resources and tools like structure products, paint, or musical instruments. Open-ended obstacles that let users create their options can likewise be utilized to achieve this.
  4. Ownership & Possession: The sense of ownership encourages people to increase and enhance what they have, whether it’s virtual products, currencies, or individual profiles. This concept likewise refers to the belongings of procedures and jobs. 
  5. Social Influence & Relatedness: Social aspects, consisting of mentorship, approval, and competitors, drive people to associate with others and seek what their peers have. Here, relatability and fond memories both matter a lot. 
  6. Scarcity & Impatience: The desire for unusual, special, or instantly unattainable products or experiences fuels this drive. Scarcity and time-based benefits make individuals engaged. 
  7. Unpredictability & Curiosity: This drive keeps people engaged due to the fact that they don’t understand what will take place next. Unpredictable results form the structure of betting, suspenseful media, and their tempting appeal. 
  8. Loss & Avoidance: People are inspired to act due to the fact that they hesitate of losing something or suffering undesirable results. It’s an effective incentive for preventing unfavorable results. 

The Octalysis Framework is a tool that can assist organizations, video game designers, and teachers utilize core drives to produce interesting experiences. Gamification is important due to the fact that it use inherent inspirations, such as competitors, goal, and self-expression. Understanding customer inspirations is the crucial to establishing enticing items and experiences. This can assist organizations create connections with customers that are truly interesting and interesting. It goes without stating that the octalysis structure ought to line up with the function of a business’s project in order to have actually anticipated results. Therefore, coordinating with specialists who understand which core drives to make use of in order to accomplish outcomes can increase the total success of a project, which can be seen in the event research studies listed below.

How is the Octalysis Framework Used for Marketing?

Prada Candy: The Case of Hidden Treasures

L’Oréal desired more individuals, specifically those aged 18-34, to understand and like their Prada Candy scent. For this function, they teamed up with “Activision Blizzard” on the “Candy Crush” video game. They made an unique mini-game inside Candy Crush where gamers needed to discover Prada Candy concealed in chests while matching Candy Crush sweets. And when gamers completed the mini-game, they got a complimentary sample of Prada Candy and found out more about it. It was a win-win, more individuals got to delight in the scent, and Candy Crush gamers had a blast playing and finding Prada Candy.

Prada Candy: The Case of Hidden Treasures

The outcomes of this project were a huge success: 

  • 40,000 scent samples were asked for within 24 hr. 
  • Fragrance redemption website traffic is up by almost 1,800%. 
  • Ad Recall and Awareness had double-digit development. 
  • Favorability increased by +3.5%. 
  • Click-through Rate up by 6.6%. 
  • The Engagement Rate increased by 98.9%. 
  • Completion Rate increased by 96.2%. 

The “core drives” from the Octalysis Framework utilized here are;

  • Development & Accomplishment: Potential Users gather the Prada sweets by matching the “candies”. As the video game advances, users do this action more and attempt to pass the levels to discover more sweets and cash, which discusses this core drive.
  • Ownership & Possession: Normally, this drive encourages users by making them seem like they have actually won something in the video game, however here, getting a genuine present when they finish the video game likewise offers this ownership inspiration.
  • Unpredictability & Curiosity: This was a drive originating from the Candy Crush mechanics, instead of the project. Because we do not understand which sweets can be found in the video game and the combinations are formed arbitrarily.

TESCO: Interactive aspects are the secret

Tesco coordinated with Activision Blizzard Media to make their foodstuff more enticing and increase the desire to purchase them. They did this in a vacation project throughout November and December 2021, targeting players in the United Kingdom. Tesco utilized brief 10-second videos and interactive end cards to display their yummy foodstuff within the video games. They skillfully included captions rather of noise, so gamers wouldn’t require to switch on the volume. They likewise motivated gamers to go to the Tesco site with a clear call to action.

TESCO: Interactive elements are the key

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The vacation project by Tesco was a definite success: 

  • 99% boost in Viewability. 
  • 98% boost in Video Completion Rate. 
  • 14% boost in Ad Recall. 
  • 4% boost in Quality Perception. 
  • 4% boost in Purchase Intent.

The “core drives” from the Octalysis Framework utilized here are;

Epic Meaning & Calling: This project targets the date of Christmas, and Christmas is a legendary duration for individuals for an extended period that consists of great times, being together, and showing friends and family.

Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback: With the choice-based advertisements tool, users altering inputs getting various outcomes, and making totally free options in this location activated this core drive.

CE Banner (840x104) 3

Maison Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld and Smack collaborated for an imaginative marketing project fixated gamification. The Pixel Collection which included pixelated art work of Lagerfeld and Choupette in tones of red, yellow, and blue, was intended to present through an unique mix of video gaming and style aspects. They established Karl Lagerfeld’s first-ever video game, a Pac-Man-motivated HTML5 web video game including Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cherished feline. Players gathered perk products and Karl Coins to power up Choupette, making her faster while preventing the pet dogs. Players who entered their information were qualified for a reward draw, and they might challenge buddies by sharing their ratings. QR codes were put in shops and on item tags for simple video game gain access to. Users might likewise play through social channels, in shops, or on the brand name’s site.

Maison Karl Lagerfeld

Players going for high ratings while gathering cool products like sunglasses, an electronic camera, a bag, Lagerfeld’s fortunate number 7, and the Eiffel Tower. Plus, a fortunate gamer won a €250 Karl Lagerfeld shopping experience every week. 

Here are the project’s crucial accomplishments: 

  • Over 21,000 check outs to the online shop in the very first week. 
  • A massive 18,000 brand-new e-mail sign-ups. 
  • The business likewise got media and social protection consisting of Harpers Bazaar, Yahoo, It’s Nice That, and Creative Review through PR efforts. It was observed that these research studies increased brand name awareness. It was observed that this project likewise considerably increased brand name awareness.

The “core drives” from the Octalysis Framework utilized here are;

Development & Accomplishment: Since the video game was established on Pacman, among the classics of video game history, numerous video game mechanics are currently near to ideal. The objective of the video game is to gather as numerous points as the gamers can, due to the fact that of that, they take on the other gamers to accomplish high ranks in the leaderboard. Each week’s leaderboard winner gets a Karl Lagerfeld shopping experience that’s worth €250.

Ownership & Possession: In addition to the points in the video game, Lagerfeld’s fortunate number 7, sunglasses, an electronic camera, a bag, and the Eiffel Tower. Players gather them and include them to their collection, so the inspiration to gather unusual minimal products directs them to this core drive.

Wendyverse: Metaverse Pioneer

Wendy’s released an imaginative gamification project called the “Wendyverse” in partnership with Horizon Worlds. The objective of the project is to develop a unique existence in the metaverse while engaging users in enjoyable and interactive methods.

Wendyverse: Metaverse Pioneer

In the Wendyverse, 4 unique virtual worlds were developed. Wendy’s prepared to provide a range of experiences consisting of virtual and in-person activities. Some of the activities readily available would consist of basketball and other enjoyable activities. 

As an outcome of the project; Wendy’s developed itself as a metaverse leader. Users might communicate with the brand name and each other in immersive methods. The project permitted the users to make Wendy’s Rewards in reality so the business likewise increased their digital company. Wendy’s had the ability to bridge the genuine and virtual worlds while likewise supplying its customers with brand-new experiences thanks to this project.

The project was a substantial success for Wendy’s: 

  • It reached a massive 52 million individuals, substantially improving Wendy’s brand name and message awareness. 
  • The greatest variety of everyday active users amongst all Horizon Worlds. 
  • Over 10,000 fans went to within the very first week. 
  • 16% of users returned for more within the very first week. 
  • An excellent 15% of “Wendyverse” homeowners who were totally brand-new to Horizon Worlds, revealing Wendy’s capability to bring in brand-new users to the metaverse.

The “core drives” from the Octalysis Framework utilized here are;

Development & Accomplishment: The points and rankings in the video games are very important for the consumers in this virtual truth, due to the fact that having the ability to utilize the points and benefits they make here in reality activates this core drive to a high level.

Social Influence & Relatedness:  The gamers go to the stores or fulfill their buddies and do the cumulative activities as typical in the virtual truth supplied by Wendyverse, similar to in reality, which actually summarizes this core drive.


In conclusion, the Octalysis Framework and gamification techniques work tools for organizations and brand names that wish to engage and encourage their consumers.  These case research studies accomplished excellent success with utilizing these tools. Whether it’s presenting scents in a mobile video game, making foodstuff more appealing through interactive advertisements, gamifying style with a Pac-Man twist, or immersing users in a metaverse of enjoyable and benefits, the outcomes promote themselves. Gamification can assist organizations produce more powerful bonds with their consumers and produce long-lasting commitment.


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