On-chain Investigator Digs Into Ethereum Foundation’s Connection To The Filecoin ICO

Filecoin has actually grown to be among the most cherished crypto with an active neighborhood that continues to keep it alive. However, concerns about the blockchain’s origin, and its ICO in specific, are starting to appear as an on-chain sleuth has actually published findings of his examination.

Digging Into The Filecoin ICO

The on-chain private investigator widely understood on X (previously Twitter) as @BoringSleuth at first made headings back in August when he published a theory about who the creator of the notorious Shiba Inu meme coin was. This time around, the private investigator has actually turned his attention to another token, Filecoin, questioning its origins.

In the report published to X, BoringSleuth began by describing how he had actually gotten his findings. He describes that he had actually started by drawing up wallets which led him to observe patterns in financing deals for a variety of wallets. According to him, something that protruded was the reality that these wallets would send out ETH to the Filecoin ICO wallet with long decimal numbers. In overall, the on-chain private investigator had the ability to lay out 1,255 deals with these long decimal numbers.

Interestingly, 296 wallets had actually sent out in ETH deals ending in 937, as described in the image listed below:

Addresses ending in 937 | Source: X

Then 228 wallets ended with 967, 179 wallets ended with 697, and 111 of them ended in 696. The staying 106 deals were bring distinct last 3 digits however with the exact same long decimal numbers.

The private investigator declares that this was the work of the creators and VCs who were attempting to make it appear like there was high interest in the ICO. “when you want to make it look like a bunch of people are “Apeing” in to your token sale, that you and your handful of VC’s are going to discard on the pleb’s, you need to utilize some sort of code that assists group together who sent what,” BoringSleuth stated.

Filecoin (FIL) price chart from (Ethereum Foundation)

Tying It To Ethereum Foundation

The report even more dug in and the private investigator appears to get to the reality that the similarity Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum Foundation belonged of this. He likewise connects the CCP Group, in addition to Cumberland and Prometheum to the Filecoin ICO which he describes as a Ponzi.

BoringSleuth exposed that he had actually organized the wallets together which he then crosschecked with the ‘Truth Labs Database of Networks and Wallets’. This is how the on-chain private investigator had the ability to designate ownership of the wallet to various entities.

The report which is currently making the rounds on social networks appears to be the start of it. The private investigator liquidated the report by stating; “There of course is much more to this story, to be shared at a later date.”

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