Only Jesus Gets to Tell You Who You Are

Remember in recently’s podcast episode when we mentioned how you can typically pre-decide an unfavorable narrative about yourself and you can let that cloud all your interactions with others? Instead of hearing their kind words or presuming they are sharing something out of love, you hear and see whatever through the lens of an unfavorable story.

In today’s podcast episode, Jesse and discuss this more extensive. We speak about lies we’ve thought, how these have actually colored our perspectives, and how thinking these lies have actually kept us from residing in flexibility and pleasure.

We share more what it appears like to really heed the quote from Charles Martin that states, “Only Jesus gets to tell you who you are.”

In this podcast, we likewise offer you an upgrade on Baby D’s surgical treatment and the extremely unexpected outcomes of his surgical treatment. We likewise inform you about a terrific concept Jesse developed that has actually been conserving our lives, we speak about Aldi grocery shipment, and about a book I just recently listened to.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show. We have lots to show you today.

[01:23] – Today we wish to speak about changing the lies with reality and how just Jesus gets to inform you who you are.

[01:29] – But prior to we enter into that, it was a huge week for Baby D!

[06:43] – We had actually prepared ourselves that he was going to have serious hearing loss for all his life.

[09:04] – For the very first time in his life, he has the ability to hear! He’s finding out all sorts of brand-new things as an outcome!

[11:28] – I simply completed listening to a book by Charles Martin.

[12:56] – What’s conserving my life today: Aldi grocery shipment.

[14:20] – Jesse’s fantastic purchase that is conserving our life!

[17:39] – Lies versus reality and how this can affect your life.

[18:44] – Jesse, exist lies that you have thought, that you have seen how it’s simply had such an unfavorable influence on your life?

[21:06] – In Christ, we can do all things!

[23:41] – If we let what other individuals consider us be where our worth and worth is, it’s never ever going to suffice

[27:59] – What does Jesus in fact state about you?


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