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We took a very fast 28-hour journey to Wilkes-Barre, PA for my good friend Jamie’s mother’s funeral service a couple of weeks back. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard parts of our insane travel experience, however given that it stimulated numerous discussions and messages online, I believed we ought to share the entire thing together in this week’s podcast episode!  (See more photos from our journey here.)

A couple of takeaways from our journey:

:: We never ever got the chance to satisfy Jamie’s mother, however it was so unique to hear friends and family share about how she affected their lives. It was such a suggestion to invest our lives in what matters and to not take any relationship for approved.

:: Be sure to check dates prior to reserving flights. Ahem. Also, verify the address to your hotel. And lastly, double-check that you have your image ID. Listen to the episode for more information on all that. 🙂

:: Flying with a two-year-old is never ever uninteresting. Kierstyn and Micah both succeeded on the flights and the two-hour drive from Philly to Wilkes-Barre and back, however K was rather positive in her navigational abilities at the airport and we rapidly discovered we required to press her in the stroller lest she dart ahead of us and get lost in a crowd! Also: I have no concept how moms and dads take a trip by themselves with a young child and a child. We seemed like we were hardly pulling it off and there were 2 grownups!

:: Wilkes-Barre is not pronounced like I anticipated. But the residents can’t appear to settle on the appropriate pronunciation.

:: It was our very first time for both people to leave D. We missed him a lot and can’t wait up until he’s embraced and we don’t need to have actually prior composed approval from DCS for him to take a trip! But our older 3 kids did a fantastic task seeing him.

In this episode, we likewise have an adoption upgrade to share, I speak about a book I’m very thrilled about, and we laugh about current shenanigans of our young children.

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In This Episode

[00:35] – It’s time for more insane travel stories today!

[02:03] – But initially, life with young children is never ever uninteresting!

[08:10] – We have an adoption upgrade to share!

[10:40] – I simply got a book in the mail that I am actually thrilled about!

[12:29] – An idea to conserve you cash for the Christmas season.

[15:00] – Crazy travel story time!

[20:50] – Discover what occurred when we were preparing to leave.

[31:47] – What decreased when Jesse attempted to sign in to the hotel.

[34:02] – And lastly, “losing” my ID at TSA security check-in.

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