P2E ‘App Store’: G-Link Bridging Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Featuring varied, enjoyable blockchain video games, G-Link uses a user-friendly experience for Web 2.0 players to enter Web 3.0, and to take part in a community linking players, video game designers and financiers.

Unleashing the capacity of GameFi

Traditional video gaming is a big however plateauing market, afflicted by tradition issues — on the other hand, blockchain video gaming is a daybreak market with rapid development capacity. The standard video gaming market’s profits was US$178.37 billion in 2021, up from US$155 billion in 2020, representing a simple 15.1% development year-on-year. In contrast, blockchain video gaming increased from around US$321 million in profits for 2020, to US$2.32 billion since 2021 Q3, representing a much greater 722.7% boost year-to-date.

This implies the marketplace size of P2E video gaming was approximately 1.3% of standard video gaming in 2021, with the prospective to catch more market share.

Top option for finding and producing brand-new P2E video games

G-Link’s mobile blockchain video gaming platform is created to be a thorough ‘app store’ and more, producing brand-new touchpoints for crucial stakeholders, specifically players, video game designers and financiers. Furthermore, G-Link makes it problem-free for Web 3.0 beginners to begin playing blockchain video games, with just a familiar account registration required to get going.

G-Link has 4 casual to mid-core P2E mobile video games slated for release in 2022, consisting of the racetrack video game Kartopia, strategy-based collectible card video game Card Master, simulation kingdom-building video game SPE Colony, and arcade-style Coin Fishing Frenzy. In addition, over 10 designers remain in speak with include a larger range of video games to the platform. The extensive gameverse accommodates mobile players’ choices for often checking out brand-new video games.

The extensive platform consists of functions created to address Web 3.0 video gaming’s most common and basic issues. Specifically, the GLINK platform token makes it possible for greater throughput and lower gas costs, which are important facilities for enhancing the aspect of interactivity in gameplay mechanics. GLINK likewise offers cross-chain and cross-game liquidity, such that players can quickly change in between video games and firmly exchange possessions. Meanwhile, the GameFi incubator and NFT market supports smaller sized video game designers with financing and resources, therefore motivating open development.

Investors can gain passive returns from the dawn blockchain video gaming market without being a player themselves, through numerous opportunities on G-Link’s platform. This consists of holding G-Link’s Chief Toad NFTs, GLINK tokens, staking, ending up being a virtual proprietor, and support tasks by means of the incubator. GLINK holders can make approximately a greater APR of 1.8-200% with locked staking of 3 various periods, or maintain liquidity with the versatile staking choice to make approximately 1-2.8% APR.

Guild leader Chief Toads: G-Link’s genesis NFTs

The genesis NFT collection of G-Link, Chief Toad will give owners VIP subscription on G-Link’s gameverse platform. Being a GameFi NFT, Chief Toad’s energies consist of greater in-game revenues, unique guild-creation in the gameverse, and concern access to video games in beta and sales of metalands,.

To gain advantages on G-Link’s platform, players ought to mint their own Chief Toad NFTs. The minting for the Chief Toad NFT collection will occur from 5-7 July 2022, at a cost 0.08-0.1ETH and with an overall supply of 10,000.

Refer to the main site for Chief Toad NFT mint information:

Powering the environment: GLINK token IDO

The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for G-Link’s platform GLINK token will be happening in August 2022. Using the ERC-20 requirement, the GLINK token’s overall supply will be 1 billion tokens.

GLINK tokens power each deal on G-Link’s GameFi platform:

  1. GSwap – Seamlessly trade in between in-game currencies
  2. Provide seed financial investment to back your dream video game
  3. DAO ballot rights
  4. Staking in liquidity swimming pool
  5. Purchase of in-game possessions, NFTs and virtual lands

Holders of Chief Toad NFTs will delight in benefits of a greater portion of airdrops and verified whitelist areas for GLINK token’s pre-sale.

For updates and statements about the GLINK IDO:


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