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As soon as your accounts and belongings are secured by a Trezor Mannequin T {hardware} pockets, it’s pure to need your gadget with you wherever you go. To improve your gadget in opposition to put on and tear, or just get pleasure from extra privateness on the go, new Trezor display screen protectors are actually available for purchase from the official Trezor Shop.

Preserve your Trezor Mannequin T in higher form for longer with a PanzerGlass™ screen protector, or block out undesirable consideration with Privacy Glass. Made to particularly match the Trezor Mannequin T, these upgrades are a simple approach to enhance the lifespan or operate of your Trezor.

These and different {hardware} pockets equipment might be purchased straight from the official Trezor Store. For extra methods to guard and customise your Trezor, try our collections of silicone instances, metal restoration seed backups, lanyards and extra.

{Hardware} wallets are wonderful at retaining secrets and techniques secure. Bitcoin, financial institution accounts and social media make up a fraction of the numerous digital keys that we use each day, and so they can all be secured with the Trezor Mannequin T. The complete-color touchscreen is on the coronary heart of the sleek expertise of constructing transactions or logging into an organization account.

To ensure your gadget touchscreen stays responsive it doesn’t matter what you set it by, get a PanzerGlass™ screen protector and apply it on to your Mannequin T. This protects in opposition to knocks, scrapes and different impacts with out lowering your display screen’s touch-sensitivity. In the event you carry your pockets with you in your pocket or bag, this display screen cowl can cease it getting broken when you’re out and about, so you already know you may depend on it while you want it.

In the event you maintain your gadget however nonetheless must handle funds round flatmates or household, or from cafés, airports or different public spots, get a polarized Privacy Glass screen protector to forestall folks round you from spying on you.

Privateness Glass transforms your touchscreen in order that it’s solely readable when utilizing it face-on. This implies you might be safer when sending transactions, producing new seeds, or reviewing your balances. Used with discreet mode enabled in Trezor Suite, Privateness Glass brings much more management over the surroundings round you.

Check out each kinds of display screen protector to see which is the perfect match in your every day routine. It’s not suggested to make use of each display screen protectors on one gadget as doing so might cut back contact sensitivity.

PanzerGlass™ display screen protector

This genuine PanzerGlass™ product is a high-quality tempered glass layer that will protect your screen from knocks and scrapes. Apply it in seconds to extend the life of your Trezor, protecting against wear and tear to the touchscreen. Custom made for the Trezor Model T, this screen protector fits the touchscreen perfectly and does not affect responsiveness of the device.

Privacy Glass screen protector

This is a simple polarized plastic layer that applies directly to your Model T touchscreen. Privacy Glass prevents others from viewing your Trezor screen by stopping the light from travelling at certain angles. Apply it in minutes to enjoy a more private Trezor experience, wherever you use your Trezor. Privacy Glass is not intended to protect from damage but can withstand some impact, providing sacrificial protection for the touchscreen.

Taking care of your cryptocurrency takes routine vigilance. It is an ongoing process with many different levels to consider: how keys were generated; who knows what about your holdings; keeping your seed safe. Trezor hardware wallets bring greater control over these factors and mitigate different levels of software, hardware and even social vulnerabilities.

Keeping your device in working order ensures convenient and secure access to your funds. As long as your recovery seed is kept safe, your funds will be fine even if you break your screen but will be locked until you recover the seed on a new device. This can mean a period of operational downtime, which could be avoided with a screen protector.

A stolen Trezor is a more worrying scenario. In this situation, what matters is the thief’s level of knowledge about you. While phishing sites will trick you into entering your seed words, a thief only needs to know your PIN to unlock your device. Prevent others from reading your screen by narrowing the visible range with a polarized filter, and keep information you share to a minimum.

There is no single security fix that will cover every possibility but keeping a low profile and using a hardware wallet like the Trezor Model T will protect your keys, second-factor credentials and other secrets from most eventualities. For a more resilient way to protect your hardware wallet backup, check out the Shamir HODL Pack.

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