Phoenix’s heatwave reaches another level of intolerable

Phoenix is on the cusp of yet another heat record this summer season after an extra day of 110-degree weather condition.

The National Weather Service stated the desert city on Friday saw 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 Celsius) for the 53rd day this year, connecting it with the record embeded in 2020. If Phoenix reaches 110 degrees or more as anticipated Saturday, it would mark a record 54 days in one year.

An severe heat caution is in result for the whole weekend, with temperature levels anticipated as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 Celsius) on Saturday and 111 degrees Fahrenheit (43.8 Celsius) on Sunday. A high of 109 degrees Fahrenheit (42.7 Celsius) is anticipated for Monday.

In July, Phoenix set a record with a 31-day streak of highs at or above 110 degrees. The previous record was 18 straight days, embeded in 1974.

It became part of a historical heat wave that extended from Texas throughout New Mexico and Arizona and into California’s desert.

Phoenix has actually now seen over 100 days with 100-degree Fahrenheit-plus (37.7 C-plus) temperature levels this year since Wednesday. That’s in line with the average of 111 days striking triple digits every year in between 1991 and 2020.

Maricopa County, house to Phoenix and the most populated county in Arizona, likewise appears headed towards a yearly record for heat-associated deaths.

County public health authorities stated Wednesday that there have actually been 194 heat-associated deaths validated for this year since Sept. 2. An extra 351 are under examination.

Maricopa County validated 425 heat-related deaths in 2022.


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