Pride Month Marketing Strategies & Digital Campaign Examples

When Pride Month is around the corner, brand names race to establish the very best Pride Month marketing methods and projects. It’s a time when the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood and its allies come together to commemorate love, equality, and variety. However, just slapping a rainbow flag on your logo design is insufficient to resonate with the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood.

To develop an effective Pride Month marketing project, credibility and uniformity should be the directing concepts, as insincere acts don’t resonate with any of the target market. And specifically when it pertains to producing pseudo assistance projects concerning the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, you lose your target market instantly. That’s not since LGBTQIA+ have an unique radar for whatever however since they are exposed to dislike criminal activity and hate speech, even today, and yes, all over the world, requiring individuals to stay careful.

Making connections lies at the heart of marketing, and making individuals feel important with real assistance and significant engagement is one action even more when it pertains to establishing effective projects. Luckily, you’re in the ideal location for more information about establishing an authentic and, as an outcome, effective Pride Month project that really gets in touch with the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood. Keep checking out for more information about Pride Month marketing and its dos and don’ts. We’re more than prepared to share our insights with you to assist any brand name or online marketer trying to find a marketing chance make it inclusive and turn it into something with a genuine favorable effect. 

What to Consider When Creating Your Pride Month Strategy

Your Pride Month marketing technique must be 100% genuine and genuine; yes, we’ve currently spoken about it, however there’s no damage in highlighting it one more time, as it’s the essential to making a favorable modification both in your marketing data and for the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood. But, how can you guarantee that? 

1. Feature LGBTQIA+ in Your Commercials

Working with fortunate heterosexuals or cisgenders and casting them for LGBTQIA+ functions must not be a choice while there are members of the queer neighborhood trying to find such chances. Start including LGBTQIA+ this Pride Month and make it a practice; continue including them in your future jobs too. Therefore, you can make a genuine effect both in their lives and on the normativity level of the society you and your brand name engage with.

Let’s see an example:


Here, Smirnoff commemorates Pride Month and promotes its Pride item with this industrial including Laverne Cox, who is a widely known transgender starlet. Instead of just putting a rainbow on its bottles and not doing anything more, the brand name takes its Pride Month project seriously, not just by casting a member of the queer neighborhood however likewise by elaborately producing the advertisement copy, which stresses that Pride Month and occasions are the supreme locations to feel safe, invited, consisted of, and totally free. Hopefully, one day the world will end up being such a house for everybody. 

2. Be Politically Correct

The terms you utilize is extremely essential. I make certain that you won’t misgender somebody or state that “she changed her gender” type of things, however still, there are some other things to constantly, constantly, bear in mind. To discover more about what to state and what to learn about the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, this LGBTQIA+ inclusive language guide might assist you.

3. Tell LGBTQIA+ Stories

Without storytelling, on what level can we discuss the presence of marketing? To us, absolutely no, possibly listed below absolutely no. So here’s the offer: Let your workers inform their stories, open area for them to share what they have actually been through up until this day. You can make a video for social networks accounts like Instagram and ConnectedIn, consisting of individual stories about being LGBTQIA+ in your organization field. 

4. Donate to LGBTQIA+ Non-Profits

If you are preparing to offer Pride product, contributing a part  -ideally the bulk- of your earnings to LGBTQIA+ non-profit companies can be an excellent method to be genuine and reveal that you truly appreciate the neighborhood. This method, you’ll make an influence on individuals’s lives rather of remaining at the level of rainbow cleaning. Also, you’ll supply queers and allies with items to commemorate Pride and break some normative concepts, such as presuming everyone’s heterosexual and cisgender, as the more rainbows are seen, the more presumptions are shot down. 

5. Don’t Pull Your Ads

I can hear that you are asking, “Why on earth would we pull our ads after all the time, energy, and creativity we spend on them?” 

Sometimes brand names do not examine the attacks they can experience when they just commemorate Pride Month. For example, Samsung very first released a business including a hijab-wearing mother and a drag queen kid hugging each other. Although this advertisement was not produced for Pride Month, it was an act of inclusivity. However, after the reaction, Samsung offered the worst description: “It may be perceived as insensitive and offensive”. 

If you do such a thing, you’ll be at the getting end of extreme criticism, I hope so. And sadly, this will lead to dissatisfaction in the neighborhood. 

Here are some remarks composed after Samsung’s act and words, noted by BBC:

  • “Imagine being offended and threatened by a mother’s love for her child.”
  • “If the advertisement does not run afoul of any laws .. and has a positive message on the acceptance of marginalised people, Samsung should stick to its guns.”
  • “As a queer Malay man, I am saddened to see a video that expresses unconditional love [being] taken down abruptly due to societal pressure from a group of people with conservative values.”

So, do whatever you wish to commemorate Pride Month, pick the most appropriate course to wave a rainbow flag in June, however constantly make sure that your primary focus is supporting the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood in addition to your brand name.

Best Pride Month Marketing Campaigns for Inspiration

And here comes the part where we buzz over the rainbow!

Marriage Equality Gay GIF by Imma Almourzaeva - Find & Share on GIPHY

1. Proud Parent – Oreo

Oreo’s Proud Parent advertisement is an excellent example of a genuine and thoughtful video project. The advertisement includes a lesbian couple checking out one side’s moms and dads and highlights the contrast in inviting habits compared to the heterosexual brother or sister and their partner.

A moving, genuine, and psychological story of a reconnection story of a father and his little lady is informed, while the brand name, Oreo, is kept in the background and hardly seen in the clip. You go Oreo! 

2. Darla – Absolut Vodka

In this advertisement, Absolut Vodka efficiently addresses predisposition versus transgender people and accentuates social bias resulting in discrimination.

Two old pals satisfy after a very long time, and the cisgender buddy misgenders Darla in the start. Then, she gets his old buddy’s hand, and they reconnect through sharing experiences of beverages, music, and wholehearted discussion. 

There is some criticism about the concentrate on the cisgender character welcoming and, in a manner, accepting his buddy as she is, as if it’s a choice to accept one’s being. But still, a significant business releasing an advertisement including a trans lady is something  amazing.

3. For Pride. Then. Now. Always. – Dr. Martens

This time, I don’t have a video advertisement however something more extensive: commemorating the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood every day and making contributions both in Pride and in other months!

To get Dr. Martens’ point of view on Pride, I wish to share a quote from their devoted websites, called “For Pride. Then. Now. Always.”:


Our users have a long history of supporting and taking part in Pride and other system-shaking demonstrations that have actually defended equality. These acts of disobedience are an abundant part of what makes us the brand name we are today. Docs were embraced by the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, and they have actually entered into our DNA. We’re happy to support our group, our users, and queer culture. Then. Now. Always.​

Pride Month Marketing Strategies Digital Campaign

When we get in the websites, we are warmly invited into an area where the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood is totally accepted, and where Pride is not simply a promo season on the marketing calendar. For Dr. Martens, we instantly comprehend that Pride represents a long-lasting dedication to raising the voices of the queer neighborhood, really supporting them with continuous contributions, and promoting for acknowledgment and equality. For circumstances, in 2015 the brand name contributed $134k to numerous companies, consisting of TransNewYork, akt, and MicroRainbow.

For Pride. Then. Now. Always. - Dr. Martens, pride month marketing strategy

The brand name likewise provides location to stories from LGBTQIA+ history; you can think about making a comparable useful marketing project!

1685140669 224 Pride Month Marketing Strategies Digital Campaign

Dr. Martens’ websites informs the story of the relationship in between Dr. Martens and the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood in 3 parts. First, we see images from LGBTQIA+ history and queers using Dr. Martens. Then we see what is going on in today, and what they’ll perform in the future. You can check out Dr. Martens’ site to see every information that I couldn’t put in my post.

As Dr. Martens stresses, we need to “look back at hard fought for progress that has been made through radical action and resolute spirit.” Then, it’s time to enjoy a brief documentary about the past, present, and future of Pride Month and the Stonewall Riots.

4. The Story of Jacob and City Gym – Google Small Business

Google Small Business reveals an effective story in this YouTube video. It highlights the genuine story of a trans male who finds assistance and approval at City Gym in Kansas. So, the video exhibits how Google links small companies with consumers, improving their experience through evaluations while welcoming the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood and distinct stories from members of it.

5. Don’t Hate Me Because I Am BeautifuLGBTQ+ – Pantene

Pantene’s well-known motto, “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful” remains in modification. With the project, the brand name intends to develop a safe environment where LGBTQIA+ can easily reveal themselves.

1685140669 521 Pride Month Marketing Strategies Digital Campaign

In the advertisement listed below, you can see that Pantene commemorates the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood by producing a safe and inclusive area for people to welcome their genuine selves.

Bonus: Looking for Pride Month social networks projects and some motivation? Our post has you covered!

Closing Notes

Before you leave this page, let me share some last ideas.

Let’s spread love and equality all around the world. Wherever you discover yourself, you can make a distinction with your Pride Month marketing project, and you can motivate others to step up too!

Feature LGBTQIA+in your advertisements, provide the spotlight to share their stories, make contributions to non-profits, and make vibrant declarations of assistance. 

You’ve got the power to make a genuine effect, we can make our world filled with equality, we can do it together.

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