Pro-XRP Attorney Deaton Receives Prestigious Award

Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has actually been bestowed the inaugural Defender of Freedom Award by the International Congress of Blockchain Legal Advisors (ICBLA). This award acknowledges people and entities that have actually shown excellent commitment to supporting liberty in the crypto neighborhood, and Deaton’s choice for this honor includes a $5,000 reward.

The Achievements Of Deaton

Deaton’s operate in the crypto area, especially worrying the digital possession XRP, has actually been critical. He empowered digital possession owners to neutralize SEC enforcement actions, producing a method that lots of deem a defense versus the SEC’s broad efforts at policy, a main news release by ICBLA states.

His commitment to the cause appeared as he represented 10s of countless XRP holders in the significant case of SEC v. Ripple Labs et al. without charging a cost. Highlighting the significance of Deaton’s contributions, the summary judgment by Judge Torres in the SEC vs. Ripple Labs case referenced Deaton’s amicus short.

Daniel Payne, an ICBLA senior fellow, talked about the award’s significance, stating, “The Defender of Freedom award is unique in the crypto world. It represents a commitment to safeguarding the very essence of the crypto world– the freedom to innovate, grow, and transform the global business landscape. We applaud John’s creation of a new paradigm: federal judges now grapple with non-party token holders early and often.”

James Murphy, a leading securities attorney and a reputable voice in crypto legal commentary, weighed in on Deaton’s acknowledgment. He stated, “I can’t think of a better choice for the Defender of Freedom award. John represents something in short supply in our society—a real, authentic hero. John’s selfless service is in the finest traditions of the Marine Corps where he retired as a Major. He lives by the motto—Semper Fi—always faithful.”

XRP Community Propelled His Efforts

In a comprehensive post on X (previously Twitter), Deaton dove much deeper into his journey, highlighting the collective battle versus the viewed oppression by the SEC. Deaton begun by highlighting the award’s cumulative nature: “I accepted this generous award on behalf of 75K people who were willing to fight back.”

He revealed appreciation for the frustrating assistance, with over 12,600 people at first joining his movement to intervene in the event, a relocation that marked a departure from conventional SEC enforcement actions. “When I filed a Motion to Intervene, 12,600 people joined, asking the judge to become actual defendants in the case… NEVER had thousands of investors petitioned a Court to be sued.”

Deaton likewise elaborated on the SEC’s methods, slamming their effort to supply statement without direct accounts from XRP holders.  The lawyer credited the cumulative voice of the XRP neighborhood for avoiding such methods, specifying, “We didn’t let the SEC gaslight the Judge… That nonsense was excluded by the Judge b/c we offered 3,600 Affidavits.”

Deaton highlighted crucial minutes when cumulative action swayed judicial viewpoint, pointing out particular circumstances where neighborhood members like Naomi Brockwell in the LBRY case played an essential function. “Judge Torres in a footnote cites the January 30, 2023 hearing where I asked the Judge to clarify his ruling… If Naomi doesn’t grant me permission to represent her, and go against the SEC, that footnote by Judge Torres never occurs.”

He concluded by repeating that the award he got was a testimony to the cumulative spirit of the whole XRP neighborhood and their rejection to be silenced. “Without all of them, my efforts would’ve been a fart in the wind. So when I accepted this great award, I accepted it on behalf of all of them.”

At press time, XRP traded at $0.50719.

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