Raising Teens: Answering your burning concerns

I utilized to be scared of having teens. The idea of raising kids into their adult years seemed like such a substantial and frustrating duty. I stressed I would absolutely mess things up, fizzle, and make errors.

But then Jesus drastically changed my heart. He opened my eyes to how deeply I am liked by Him and assisted me move from chasing others’ approval to resting in His love — and it altered whatever about the method I moms and dad.

I don’t need to moms and dad out of worry of the future any longer; I can rely on God with tomorrow and live consistently today — understanding that I will make errors, however that’s why there’s Jesus.

I don’t need to mom from a location of overwhelm any longer; I can seek to God’s spirit Who remains in me and request His aid and strength when I don’t understand what to do — and trust Him to assist me lean in and like my kids, on the excellent days and on the difficult days.

My kids don’t require a mother who is ideal. They require a mother who points them to the only Perfect One — Jesus.

Today, I really like parenting teenagers — and they bring a lot pleasure and depth and laughter into my life. I can accept every day as a present… not due to the fact that I’ve got it all found out, however due to the fact that I can delegate my kids and their lives to the One Who has the entire world in His hands.

Motherhood is still hard, however it is likewise holy and heartfelt and even extremely humorous numerous days. It shines a light on my own requirement for Jesus like absolutely nothing else does… and it likewise enables me the chance to see Him be Enough like absolutely nothing else does.

In today’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, Jesse and I take a seat and address your burning concerns about raising teens. We share lessons we’ve found out, struggles we’ve had, difficulties we’ve dealt with, and things we’ve found out the difficult method — and what has actually assisted us to develop more powerful relationships and much better interaction with our teenagers.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[00:55] – You all have actually been requesting more teen-related material and sent a lot of terrific concerns!

[04:01] – Q: How do you choose when to press your kids versus letting them stop working?

[07:22] – As much as possible, we attempt to state yes and we attempt to keep our no’s to a minimum.

[10:48] – There is a great line in between assisting and making it possible for. You don’t wish to stand in the method of lessons that require to be found out.

[11:57] – Q: At what age did they get a very first task genuine cash, and how to assist them do that?

[14:23] – Encourage them as quickly as they have the ability to withe mild pushes.

[19:49] – There were a great deal of concerns about innovation and social networks, see the program keeps in mind for previous podcast episodes.

[20:47] – Q: How do you speak with your kids about the birds and the bees?

[25:00] – Prepping them and providing the tools on how to react in an uncomfortable/awkward circumstance.

[25:46] – Q: How do you handle teenagers who don’t wish to show their papa?

[26:45] – One of the very best things that we did years back was asking our kids flat out, “What do we do that makes you feel loved? And what do we do that makes you feel unloved?”

[28:22] – Parents, take note of just how much time we are fixing and just how much time we are linking.

[31:10] – Be in their world and let them see that you appreciate them.

[34:10]- Being genuine with them about our battles, and requesting their forgiveness.

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