Resurrecting The Dead: Can This Terra Classic Proposal Send USTC To $1?

It’s been more than a year because the historical Terra LUNA crash saw USTC de-peg however the neighborhood has actually still not quit on the cryptocurrency. The most current advancement is available in the kind of a proposition that wishes to stop the minting of brand-new USTC, which might wind up being a favorable for the rate.

The Road To Re-Pegging USTC

A proposition was sent to the Terra Classic neighborhood to stop the minting of USTC which was initially a stablecoin. The proposition which was sent on September 14, 2023, asked that all minting and reminting of tokens need to be stopped unless the neighborhood authorizes it.

The proposition goes even more into the system of USTC such as in the event where users have the ability to utilize xUST to mint USTC. This would close among the most impactful loopholes in the minting system of the token, decreasing the quantity being brought into supply.

As for efforts to re-peg USTC to the United States dollar, the author describes that minting and reminting of USTC without the Terra Classic neighborhood approval was resulting in squandered effort on the part of those devoted to burning the token. Instead, the proposition asked that the Algo Quant group be paid to re-peg the token to the United States dollar as the neighborhood continues burning tokens.

Proposal to stop minting passes | Source: AtomScan

The benefit of doing this is available in the kind of enabling bigger organizations such as Binance to burn USTC, simply as the exchange is currently burning Luna Classic (LUNC). “This proposal protects the community and outside investors who are burning USTC helping to achieve the repeg,” the proposition checks out.

Terra Classic Community Casts Its Vote

The proposition to stop the minting and reminting of USTC tokens without the neighborhood’s approval rapidly got appeal and stakeholders cast their votes. The ballot ran for a little over a week and in the end, votes in favor of the proposition dominated.

Data from ATOMScan reveals that an overall of 59.42% of votes wished to stop minting and reminting. 40.56% of votes protested the proposition, while 6.91% of citizens picked to avoid ballot. Since the Pass Threshold needed is 50% of all votes, the proposition to end minting and reminting has actually been passed.

Halting the minting and reminting will see a time out in brand-new supply that might equate to a favorable for the token. As more USTC is burned and there disappear tokens being pumped into blood circulation, re-pegging to the United States dollar ends up being more of a possibility.

At the time of composing, the overall supply of USTC is sitting at 9,793,581,881. With a present rate of $0.01261, its market cap is simply a little over $123 million. If the token were to restore its dollar peg, it would put its market cap around $9 billion.

Terra Classic USTC price chart from

Token rises in the middle of re-pegging expectations | Source: USDTBUSD on

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